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Hello Everyone, I am Hwang Song Park and I have a question for you.

I have been doing coding for the past one year and My rating seems to be stagnant or reduces. I don’t know how to practice questions or decide which topics to be covered. Kindly, Help me as I want to improve my coding skills by suggesting some ideas. I know codechef community is very helpful, so kindly do answer my question.

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You can simply google this, there are tons of answers for this question on quora,CF,CC…etc.


Good luck.

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Well, I have tried out, but each time I attend a contest, I fear of losing out and can’t even solve simple problems.

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You already know the solution to that. Stop the fear of losing. :slight_smile:


It’s okay to score zero in contest. But it’s not okay to sit after getting 0 in a contest.
You should read editorials and hints and try to solve it after contest. You must get an AC on that que after contest.
Get AC on at least next two problems ( difficulty wise).
Understand that contest is not your final exam. It’s just a practice before actual final exam. So just don’t worry at all about loosing or getting bad rank. Just enjoy solving problems and you’ll feel better. Don’t look at your rank or number of submissions.
If you feel that people are looking at your rank and you will have to perform better to show them. Then just make a fake account and give rounds. Don’t participate in pressure.


@l_returns may i ask you something?:slightly_smiling_face:

Consider that there’s someone who is giving all short contest CF and CC combined. Honestly upsolving and practicing hard in between contests.

How long do you think he’ll have to wait before reaching 5* on CC and CM on CF?

I know it may vary from person to person but consider a slightly above average mind :joy:


Getting stars is motivating and exciting but what actually matters is how much did you learn from those contests.
It took me 11 contest to reach 5 star from 0 star and 5-6 contest after reaching 4 star. I didn’t even know anything about competitive when I started. Just by participating in all three Codechef contests every month.

Wow that’s impressive, i have heard tales before of people improving just by participating and little practice :joy: now I’ve seen someone

Still you’re an inspiration to many :slightly_smiling_face:

Well I am not that good. I am just an average coder. You should get inspiration from 7* and red coders :slight_smile:

I’m not a ratist and honestly if you ignore color and all that magic :wink:

this looks


wayyy better than this



Whose ratings graph is that ? Just curious :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone from North Korea :stuck_out_tongue: you can figure that out now :laughing:

Edit : wait wut??? people code in North Korea?? :thinking:


Well, I am not from a very strong mathematical background, whereas KUT students are strong in maths. So I would want a road map to improve my skills. I am losing out to my peers which is demoralising. Morever they particpate in teams and I as an induvidual . So please tell me where I am going wrong, if you can analyse my profile.

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If this is your only profile, then you’re not solving much problems + you’re not even participating regularly.

Btw pardon me, but are you really from north korea?



I know who’s rating graph is the second one !
:slight_smile: Can I tell :joy: ?

Actually I know both of them


You guys really have access to uncensored internet?

only for few hours.


I have heard many dark truths about north korea !
Is it all correct or just these facts are fooling public about north korea !

Then how will u improve if u have access to it only for few hours ?