Getting started here, questions about strategy, etiquitte, etc.

to know my strength

i am here to improve my programing skills and to develop some thing good and usefull for all…

Hi. I am a beginner in Programming language of C (lang.) and i know little bit Princpal and how to write a C program. My brother told me to join #Code_Chef and i am very excited to learn C programming…

i had`nt coputer science in 10+2 but now here in nit i started so i wanna enhance my skills

I am new here, So the question you asked is correct the answer to this pretty simple just be confident on what you do, Doing mistakes is a symbol that you are trying to solve the problem, Also the other users can help you in overcoming your mistakes, So having a positive attitude over new things can make that thing possible for you.
I too stand on the same place but my positive attitude will let me to do the things easier.I want to become a programmer.

1.method of reading input and writing output is too slow
2.lots of practice to discover strategy ,you have to think about
corner cases yourself
4. using BufferedReader

hii I am new to programming, hoping here to practice and write difficult codes.

I wanna improve my coding skills

getting started

my brother tell me to join…and i love to join different types of programming sites…thanks…i am a noob…

I am new to codechef doesn’t know where to start.

lets do coding

new here

Hey.I am a college student doing my graduation(B.Tech).I want to have a very good, firm grip on coding skills. I would like to start with C, then continue with C++, Java. I hope I get all my doubts cleared here and would become a confident and good programmer.

Iam new not only to codechef but also to computer programming language

Hello Sir, I am MCA student. Previously done BSc maths Hons. I am in MCA 2nd Year but till now I don’t have confidence in language. Let me suggest how could I learn . I am very interesting to learn java Programming. One of my friend told me for this site but When I go to practice session I can’t solve them. What should I do? My email id is

Hello, everyone. I am new to programming. can i get all the resources to develop my coding skills from basics to the higher level.

I am here to build my confidence over programming by taking challenges and thus improving my overall technical skills. So it is one of the way to give further more contribution to the world of technology.

Hai i am new to here

the code is submitted if an error is generated then what is the error is generated show automatically.