Getting started here, questions about strategy, etiquitte, etc.

I love coding, as other codechef users do. :slight_smile:

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codechef will contact you if you won cash prize then it will be paid through paypal and there is delivery system for goodies (once in a month).
glad to see that you are starting soon (or asking for left sibling) but i appreciate what you wrote.

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yes they do.they have practice saction for that

i donโ€™t know uโ€™r level but start easy practice problems if u feel comfortable then move to mid level and take part in contests

What is this ?

This channel will help you to learn things for competitive programming.

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Hello all,Plz donโ€™t post irrelevant stuff as answers

I think I am a real noob here, not even getting the points (punch lines ) lol ?! :joy:

Hello! Iโ€™m new here and looking to learn more about using Python. Any suggestions or tips prior to me getting started? Thanks in advance.

not many python programmers here
i used to but then moved to java, c++ (for no specific reason)
lot of people are facing NZEC error (Non Zero Exit Code) while taking inputs in python
i dont know the reason for that
I would recommend to use c++ or java for CP

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thanks for the link bro