Goldman Sachs aptitude test result

Did anyone get Goldman Sachs aptitude test result mail?



Yes I got.

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When ?

2:33 PM

what’s your result ?
Did u know cutoff score ?

Some guys recieved rejection mails today other than that have no idea.



Not selected for further rounds. I just received a mail stating same. Nothing about cutoff.

me also rejected…I don’t know how high scores do they need for just the first round

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Ya, I also came to know about the same from some friends. But no one gets the selected mail :slight_smile:

How many questions solved ?

i have also not received mail from them, could you tell how many questions did you solve ?

how many question solved ??

I have solved 44.

38 :sweat_smile: but i think i got 35 correct.

I attempted 38 but did not recieved mail till now

How many question have you attempted ?

I was in the 2pm slot who got an extra hour including that I solved 52

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did you recieved any mail??