Google codejam winner

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Only 25 people get selected for the WF. That is very tough and also involves a bit of luck even for LGMs.

going for top 25 is really tough and toughness increase when they have competitor like tourist and all those who have atleast 8-10 year of experience.but in india we start learning c when we are in college.


Yeah Experience Plays Important Role !

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I m not the correct user to mention here , and Google codejam is very tough , I don’t know whether is any guy who is from India and finalist too in codejam in any year.

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Yes, but after NEP , in future we may selected in finals.


yes NEP is future of india but we missed it.


Yeah, “tourist” is 15+ years experienced player in this world of programming.

So if these people do compatitive programming for 10 yr will they beat @tourist
@hackraj ?

you should read about humblefool


I know about one from India, Harsha Suryanarayana. He was ranked 31st in 2008 Google Code Jam World Finals. Sadly, he met with an accident on the night of 15th June 2014 and we lost a world class Indian Programmer. May he RIP.

References to read more about him:


Oh yes , read somewhere about this legend , RIP.

yes why not practice makes perfect.

Dude, read about who @tourist is. He is really considered to be a programming prodigy. Know about the fact that he won his first gold in IOI merely at an age of 11. Have some respect bro.


@kartikea_gupta i respect @tourist but i am asking what happend to this best coders for india

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:rofl: bhai konsa maal fooka hai ? are u high

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you are the inspiration for most coders in india

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@ssrivastava990 i taught u r top 10 in india

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are na bhai , merse bade bahut log hai .

one day :slight_smile: