Google Online Coding Challenge - Summer Intern

Hello fellow competitive coders,

I’m currently on 2 stars and on verge of going to 3. Today, I’m sure just as me, many of you might have your Google Online Coding Challenge for Summer Internship. I’m not that well versed with Trees, Graphs, etc data structures, and I am quite sure, the challenge would have questions related to the same.

Can the community suggest some tips / tricks / resources / websites to get at least accustomed to start the problem? Anything that I can achieve in the next 5 hours?

#Edit-1 :
Guys, after the coding challenge, many of you are still worried about your chance since you didn’t get any invitation. Let me tell you, this is just one way that Google analyses you, and even if you didn’t get an invitation, your resume would still get reviewed. ALSO, if you had your challenge today, and weren’t able to solve any question completely, then even that’s alright. They’ll review the logic you were trying to build up, the quality of code you had written. FAQs have suggested the same.

Pls add into the answers, if you have got more clarity as to how this works!
Thank you!


Bro i havent get any mail regarding this what does it mean

Had you applied for Google Summer Intern?

What is their criteria to shortlist because I didn’t get the mail ?

Same here bro.I have received the mail. Its today at 3 to 5
I am new into Competitive Coding and in same position as yours,though in 3rd year. Carving my paths out.
What I did in past two years, was being into development field and worked for Mozilla and WKND, London based Startup. I shifted here, in order to create a backup if I dont receive offer through Development


@imabp so what have you prepared ? Are you going in with just basic CP knowledge too?

@akshitm16 even i dont know, there’s no trace of that, I Googled it, but found no information regarding shortlisting process. They’ve also stated that, if a candidate is impressive enough in the challenge, she/he will be contacted for further process. However if not, this is JUST ONE WAY that Google will analyse you.


I tried my best to learn about trees well. And from development part, I have bit knowledge of implementing graphs in real world. But I am not sure, whether it would be same for the Competitive. Still, fingers crossed.!!!

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You will get one after today’s online round, if you were late in applying.

This means there are different rounds. How do you know?

Same here bro! Hope we get questions related to what we know!:crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

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I had a talk with friend… :point_down: regarding this journey…Check it out!!

$imabp: Competitive is way too amazing😎

$guest: Development is best.:yawning_face:

$imabp: Without competitive, you cannot optimize your build for large input size.:star_struck:

$guest: Why to have large input size then? :smirk::smirk:

$imabp: Guest, you want to earn money and be rich !! Right??:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

$guest: Yes, my product should be working at global level.:sweat_smile:

$imabp:Thats it, your input is already large. You must start Competitive now, to learn how to optimize your build.:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Next, moment i found my friend installing npm package in his mind…:smirk::sunglasses:.

npm i --do  competitive-coding --save-dev
Caption Purpose Value
Competitive Optimize Things $[5 , 20] * x
Development Build Things $x
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Can you please tell how do you know this because I applied on 9th or 10th of August and I haven’t got any reply so this information is relevant for me.

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How to apply?

You can’t apply now. Last date was 10th Aug.

I was asking about how does he know that there’ll be another round for those who applied later

Google has also provided their help line email , my friends got their reply about future rounds.


Okay! Thanks for the info.

mko b ni aya :confused: :cry: