Google Online Coding round result

I just reconfirmed. Those who got the mail had not been asked to give any coding test. They got the mail directly for interview rounds

I have not yet recieved the mail for round 1 yet But I have registered for the google software engineering internship 2021…Are they conducting the coding round in batches?

Yes I think so, I got the mail today (I registered on 9th august)

Sorry sorry, I told the wrong problem statement. Now I’ve updated my comment.

still the same right, how lucky you were to get such questions while being CM

Yeah, my friends who are pupils/specialist got much harder problems. I felt sorry for them when I saw their problems.

Oh…ok Thanks I was really confused because I registered on Aug 8th

Even I solved both the questions, still have not received any mail as of now. A friend of mine solved one and received the mail a few days ago. Another acquaintance who had solved both also did not hear anything from Google.

My questions were also very easy, one was similar to finding number of increasing and decreasing subarrays and the other was a stack problem.

I guess that’s it for us then. :upside_down_face:


Try raising a ticket to google, if you care. I know my life has been out of luck always, so I won’t :confused:

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Same here brother. :upside_down_face:


I think none of the people who have appeared for the online coding challenge have received the mail.

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Can you tell the logic of first question what did exactly as i need to confirm that if i am thinking right

i think they are going through resume once more in order to get the right candidate .Maybe your resume was weak as compared to the person who did one question .

Pretty small world :smiley: @pritishn

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God knows. We can’t say anything until we receive the rejection mail, or the acceptance mail.

how do we apply for it?
Even Registration for required google online Coding ID?

They will not the rejection mail .They will only approach if they are interested in taking your interview .

for what

Go to and turn on notification for software engineering internship. Next time when they post a listing you will get a notification on your email. I got to know of it from friends, so it would be better if you keep your ears open and stay in touch with like-minded people

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