Google Online Coding round result

I don’t know, Goldman Sachs did send :slight_smile:

To take part in this googles online challenge.(internship)

you need to apply for openings on and then they will send you the link for online coding challenge

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So whats this? Do need to do something (to get ID) prior to this step?

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Yeah they will send the id in the invitation mail

Oh , that explains where u get id and link.
I just googled link :joy::joy:

In the mail I only got
Google Online Challenge Name
and, Google Online Challenge ID
I can’t find Google Online Challenge Passkey… (from which we are supposed to log in). Can someone help

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A day before the contest you would get a followup mail with all the info

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Thanks, my anxiety was escalating :sweat_smile:

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Can someone share the past questions?

bro,how do u got referrals to exam

Is there any restriction on of which year students can apply for this Google internship and give online coding test? Can 2nd year students apply for the same?

They are open to all, so no referral is required

I applied on July 29th. Haven’t received any mail yet. Is there any possibility of them sending a mail after this?

Yes, don’t worry everybody will get a fair chance, they are sending mails in batches.

No , More than 20 people of a group (in which I am added) has got a mail for interview.

Did all these 20 people including you solve both questions?

how many days back did you get the mail brother?

what type of questions u were asked?

I am almost sure none has received , but since you are claiming I will acknowledge it.
Can you provide a snap of your mail as a confirmation?