Google Online Coding round result

I don’t know any of them personally so I don’t know :cold_face:

No i did not meant to say that I have got the confirmation email, I just mean that others have got that, also since the pic is in my mobile and I am feeling lazy :sleeping: I am not able to upload the pics but you can easily check on linkedIn many people have posted their mail for interview.

Daily some people are getting mails.

I think people are getting mails for attending online coding interview nor for interviews. But may be you are correct

Only one snap of any post would be highly appreciated

@exposer didn’t you see this?

Can somebody share their online test questions, apart from two questions written above by pritishn

  1. Given an array which initially just contains 0.
    You are given Q queries( 0 <=Q<=10^5). Queries are of the form 1 x i.e. insert x in the array.
    and 2 x. Replace each element with Xor with x,(a[i]^x).
    After the queries, print the array in ascending order
    I don’t clearly remember the second question. It was something to do with prefix and suffix of strings
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You can check on leetcode, all the problems are available on different blogs


Those who uses plagiarism measures to clear such exams should not hope for these. tere doosre account me plagiarism lga hua h to doosra account bna liya . this shows how big cheatrer u r

those who are plagiarised do not get the mail. they get the mail of plagiarism and disqualification

@exposer bro, cheaters like you dont get mails. why are u expecting. go and happily do plagiarism acts with your another plagiarised account

@exposer you yourself is expopsed

How much question did you do in online challenge?

I was able to do only one, and also I didn’t get the mail from them, I just know some people who got it.

I saw this too on linkedin, I messaged her directly asking whether the recruitment was through GOCC. Unfortunately, she hasn’t replied yet.

Did the recruiter contacted them??

Ask her how much time she took??

Did you receive any mail from the recruiter??