Graph not updated for December Long Challenge

My graph has not yet been updated for December Long Challenge, although my rating has been updated. Is there someone else who’s facing this issue?

No response/update till now…

I am also facing the same issue, rating has been updated but highest rating is still the previous one. Long challenge graph has been updated but the general graph has not been updated.

Please don’t make duplicate threads. It makes the discuss platform anti-user friendly.

If admin don’t take necessary steps to fix it then I won’t use such a vulnerable system, and I’m going to active on CF, Hackerearth, Atcoder… Hope it will be fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol no one care

@darklooter LOL… I know, no one care, and I’m not seeking to get someone’s care. I’m just expressing my preferences and opinion, nothing else :slightly_smiling_face: