Hack with infy

Hello guys… tomorrow ( 1 July ) there will be contest hack with infy , I give u some suggestions about the contest , go through some basic questions on hackerrank , UI of hackerrank, and there will be 2 slots for giving the contest 1is from 10:30 am and another is from 02:30 pm , now I request u all if anyone gets question of today’s contest , or in first slot of contest ( morning) plz take the screenshot in your laptop/PC using ( Window key + print screen ), so that we have clearly mentioned question.
If u have any doubt regarding this tell me . If I m able to solve your problem I will be happy. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Bro hackwithinfy is going to be take place in our colllege campus and we need to do it in python only . can u suggest any possible topics for the first round

First round - 40 MCQ
- and 2 programs for 60 marks
65 marks needed to passs this round and i can clear MCQ can u tell me any topic for remaining 60 marks

Please help in this

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I don’t find any difficult just declare an array and get numbers then compare the numbers which is greater than 5 and increase the count value every time and Yes you solved it Right !

check it for repetitive numbers and also verify for starting from zero and 1 confusion

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just try this code

def solve(n, m):
if n > 1 and m >1:
return (n-1)+((m-1)*n)
elif n>1 and m==1:
return n-1
elif n==1 and m>1:
return m-1
return 0

Wow, nice cheating is going on here.


its not cheatig baby its about to know the morning batch’s questions

there is no MCQ
read instructions

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let it be karan
I saw this post last night
most of people are either 1star or fake acc but I got so disappointed by seeing @ssrivastava990 creating this topic
I had some respect for you


Ganesh don’t get me wrong , my intention is not bad .
Mene ye post isliye kiya tha ki hame sahi se questions mil sake , kyuki ek round 30 June ko ho Chuka par log questions dhang see nhi explain kr paa rhe , or rhi baat cheating ki bro me bhi cheating ke against me hu chahao to @anon55659401 ko bhi Puch lo , long challenge me hamne itne cheaters ko remove kiya h , ha thoda sa ye manunga ki ye post muje aaj dalni chahiye thi , but fir question nhi mil pate , or rhi baat cheating ki bro koi fark nhi padta aap ko bhi PTA h abhi nhi to 2nd round me Bahar ho jayenge , I also have respect towards u , agar abhi bhi kuch galat ho to me remove kr Deta hu…

@muraledharan or ha bro keep calm , and do your work , who are u to tell @anon55659401 “baby” …kaam kro yr Bhai…ussse kuch accha sikho …

And plz till 5:30 pm noone post any question or solution.

but what if wahi ques firse repeat hue
instructions me likha nhi ki roz diff ques aayenge
kuch companies toh round 1 ke ques bhi round 2 me deti hai

Hackwithinfy is completely luck based . Some sets are too easy and some are really tough and also some questions can be found in existing resources :neutral_face:


wow …you guys treating it cheating aadda(place).


I managed to solve only one of three.The one I solved was based on sliding window.2nd one was similar to job sequencing(I have never tried even the naive solution so coudn’t get it).3rd one was long problem on strings& finding number of substrings satisfying given 6 conditions.

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Everybody seeing these guys cheat:


Anyone have Quiz Paper question ?
minimum number of operation required to sort array.
Operation : Take any element from array and put it to the end .

No there will not repeatation take place … mene ye isliye liye Taki questions contest hone ke baad mil jaye bcz wo question remove ho jate h

Wow. I now sincerely feel the need of downvote button in codechef blogs. There have to be some boundaries. People are openly cheating here.


how do u know ?
is it mentioned somewhere ?
I read all instructions and nothing is mentioned
ques can be same
there is no rule abt it