Hackerearth Hiring Interns

Stipend 40k + requirements mainly python inclined with django framework :slight_smile:
Register here


Thanks of the info :white_check_mark:

Did anyone get the round 2 assignment link after the round 1 quiz?

I have done well in the test and in the mail, they said that they will call, so after how many days can we expect a call from them? Any idea?

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When u received this email that they will call you . I mean after how many days of the test ??

In the mail which has the assessment link, they said like that.

Then Let’s wait, because I also asked for an update from the HR but no replies yet.

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What type of questions are there in the 1st round?
Is it related to CS fundamentals or related to react and Python?

10 cs fundamentals MCQs and 2coding questions ->total time 40mins

If u got any information please share with us bro. It might be helpful.

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Bro any update or information?

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not yet bro, i don’t have much hope from them

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I am also getting the same feeling. But on the other side, I think they are checking plagiarism or code structure. So it will take some time. Let’s hope for the best.

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is webcam is used for this test


Bro, did u write the newly posted HackerEarth SDET internship test? If so did u got the interview schedule?

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no i didn’t applied for that… is it still open please share link


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Did you get any reply after the test