Hackerearth NatWest Hiring Challange

Anyone got any interview invite so far from NatWest ?

Nah. Haven’t recieved any communication even. What about u. did u get any communication

By the way how many problems did you solve in the contest

I think I had 1 complete and 1 partially, I passed the hackerearth test and they said they will send invites for interview but I did not get any yet


Hi, Have you given interview? or got any updates?

interviews finished a while ago. they even rolled out offers for the selected candidates

When did last interview happen ? My first interview happened on last Friday only,no updates so far
How many candidates got selected so far ?

Was this for 2022 or 2021?

It was for 1+ experienced folks

@hitesh0710 I gave my interview on June 3rd, the first round itself was Managerial round and not technical. I haven’t got any response yet.
@suryapal did the selected candidates gave any technical round interviews?

@suryapal any idea how much they have offered (CTC)?

Yes, it was managerial and behaviour in my case also. I have not heard anything back yet
Kindly update once you hear from HR. I will do same
Did anyone here got finally selected ?

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there was no technical round for me,got selected without it

When was your interview? and how many years of experience you have? @suryapal

0,2-3 weeks ago

After interview , after how much time it took them to confirm you are selected ?

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@suryapal +1

around 10 days