Hackerearth NatWest Hiring Challange

Thanks for info

I too received mail from Hackerearth and Talent Aquistion from Natwest, that I am shortlisted and I will be contacted shortly regarding interview discussions, but not received any update on that yet.

@suryapal how many questions you have solved in the coding round

Do a follow up email,

when the recruiter sent the mail regarding interview update, I have mailed just to ask the whole process of interviews, but at that time also she didn’t replied.

Now again also I have mailed and asked to give any updates on the interview, Hoping for the response.

Actually if they didn’t want to go forward with me, then they should send Rejection Mail, It feels, bad :frowning: , It is stretching too much.

Yess, same for me. I got my interview scheduled after 3 weeks

@hitesh0710 plz tell if you get any update bro

Sure bro

@suryapal where you contacted by anyone else after getting to know you cleared Managerial round? or Mridhu only gave you an offer?