Hackerearth NatWest Hiring Challange

I finally got offer letter mail today,
I had my interview on 4th June, so took almost 20 days, stay patient guys you will hear soon as well

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bro what is CTC? @hitesh0710

@hitesh0710 congo bro, happy for you.

Congrats @hitesh0710

Thanks guys,
Wishing you best of luck as well, hopefully you also get selected

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@hitesh0710 @kaalmaut @sampathrao @suryapal Some one please let me know what kind of questions they are asking in the first round of interview and some one please let me know how many interview rounds are there .

For me only one round was there,it was behaviour plus technical. They will ask you anything from your resume and may even ask some scenario based questions.
Best of luck

Hi @hitesh0710 , congratulations bro!
Could you please tell me if the HR talked to you regarding the notice period, when to join etc…?

Hi @hitesh0710 were the technical questions just based on resume or any dsa questions were asked too?

For me, nothing out of resume was asked. It might depend interviewer to interviewer so don’t left any loose ends, prepare for best
Best of luck

Yess, we had. They were ok with 2 months

Thanks @hitesh0710 for the response. Did you write emails to HR after having interview to follow up or they just came back with offer without any conversation? How did it happen exactly? Could you please tell us?

After 12 days, someone from HR team contacted me for discussion with hiring manager, then after 7 days post discussion they called me to tell that Im finally selected

Okay bro. Actually I too had my managerial + technical interview on 23 June. I was wanting to know how much time they are usually taking to respond for further process.

congrats bro… how many year of experience u have?

@hitesh0710 bro what is your job location?

What is the CTC being offered ?and location?is there any HR round after the managerial round.
My managerial round is over…

Has anybody got offer whose interview was after 17th June?

No, I had my interview on 23 june. When was ur interview??

Its funny how the user who started this thread is not replying to anyone anymore once he is done with his own thing. Lolz