HackWithInfy 2021 results out!

The results for HackWithInfy 2021 are out and delivered through email.
For me solving 1 question and just the sample testcases for the other did not result in my qualification towards the second round.
Kudos to the ones selected.
Can you guys share how many ques and test cases u guys cleared accompanied by the result?

I just solved sample test case of 1 questions which was stupidly tough hence didn’t qualified, though my friend did 1 and 70% of the 2nd question and got a call for PPO

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I just did 1 problem(100â„…) and received SES


What is the level of question asked in interview of PP as mine is scheduled for this tuesday

Are you in top 100?


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when do we get call for interview

Anybody know when we have interview of hackwithinfy ??

are you selected for hackathon?

Happy for you bro!
Must have been a medium or hard one

did they send mail for interview on tuesday for you???

did anyone except top 100 got interview dates who selected for pp role??

Did anyone got interview mail for SES


SES would get mail, after they are done interviewing all the top 100 and sending offer letter to the selected.

All the best for your interview .
And please share your interview experience after completion of your interview

Sure , Here is my interview experience for power programmer,

The interviewer asked me 3 coding questions
1.Find sum of even numbers using recursion
2.Program to convert a given number to words - GeeksforGeeks
3. Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) Implementation - GeeksforGeeks

Then he asked about my internship’s and that’s all
interview was pretty easy i think


Tq Broo

So, they are focusing more on the problem solving skills in the interview too. Good thing. But seems like more of implementation problems are being asked… Just want to ask, how long was the interview and from what resources did you prepare for it?

Before starting the interview he told me first he will do coding interview and then questions based on my resume.

Interview was around 1 hr were last 10-15 min were basic discussion on internship,
the first two question he told me to implement and was looking how i was coding , for last question he only asked which algorithm will you use and explain to him since time was less.Also the interviewer was very friendly

I prepared basic cs questions on dbms ,os etc as i saw in previous year these questions were asked but he didn’t asked any of those things.

And for resources i used this Preparation for SE , SES/DSE , PP Interview ( Hack with infy and INFYTQ )