Preparation for SE , SES/DSE , PP Interview ( Hack with infy and INFYTQ )

Hello everyone, Chandan from this side, in this post I shared some of the best resources and strategy for incoming SE, SES, and PP interview and even for TCS Interview too.

SE → Software Engineer (3.6 LPA)
SES - > Software Engineer Specialist (5LPA)
PP → Power Programmer (8LPA)


This post is divided into 3 parts -

1 . Core CS Subjects

For all of three u have to prepare core cs subjects like CN , OS , DBMS , Computer Architecture Basics, OOPS , but how?

  • Resources for OOPS (c++ , Python , Java )

    This is very common they ask u on the basis of language u written in Resume.

    1. LINK1 [common]
    2. LINK2[c++]
    3. LINK3[ JAVA , (If u r sure then only write ) ]
    4. LINK4[Python]



  • Resources for DBMS / MySQL

    This subject is very important they ask anything either very easy or in very deep so prepare well and especially SES and PP guys u have to be more careful.

    1. LINK1
    2. LINK2
    3. LINK3
    4. LINK4
    5. LINK5 (Query questions , Very important)

    If u have time then u can watch main topics of DBMS Sanchit_Jain_sir



  • Resources for OS

    This subject is also important they ask very few questions (rarely to SE) but high chances for PP.

    1. Mutex VS Semaphores , Deadlock (Most common)
    2. LINK
    3. LINK
    4. LINK



  • Resources for CN

    Mostly they ask few questions for PP role .

    1. Ipv4 VS Ipv6 , TCP/IP , UDP (Most common)
    2. LINK
    3. LINK
    4. LINK



  • Resources for Computer Architecture

    They ask very few questions for PP role (rarely for SE and SES )

    1. What are Flip-Flops?(Most common, may be asked for all)
    2. LINK
    3. Revise Cache memory , pipelining etc.



  • Resources for Software Engineering

    They ask at least a question from this.

    1. All software development models and cycles.
    2. LINK

2 . Coding / DSA

  • For SE

    For SE they ask very common questions.

    1. Prime Number , GCD
    2. Reverse a Number
    3. Reverse a string
    4. Bubble Sorting
    5. Reverse array
    6. Fibonacci
    7. Factorial of a number , and so on ( basically I gave u some rough idea)
  • For SES

    For SES they ask medium questions (included above too)

    1. Prime Number (Sieve)
    2. Pattern Printing
    3. Fibonacci (without recursion)
    4. Factorial (Without recursion)
    5. Max contiguous subarray sum
    6. Merge, Quick and Insertion Sort
    7. BFS / DFS
  • For PP

    For PP they ask some advanced question too (included above too)

    1. Revise all traversals ( Zigzag, In, pre , post , level etc)
    2. Sum of all subarray of an array
    3. Reverse linked list
    4. Find whether a loop in linked list
    5. Find whether there is a cycle in graph
    6. Implement AVL tree.
    7. Coin change problem.
    8. Heap Sort
    9. Graph coloring Problem
    10. shortest path in graph ( if u don’t know implementation just tell them thoery , Prim’s and Kruskal)
    11. Insertion and deletion in BST ( U have to write code)
    12. All views of the Binary search tree.
    13. Knapsack Problem
    14. Water Trapping Problem
    15. Inorder successor of given node in BST
    16. Next smallest Palindrome
    17. Array sum using recursion
    18. Matrix rotation 90 degree.

I gave u some basic idea and some questions they asked the previous year . (google all above)

For more search questions with Infosys tag at gfg.

  1. LINK [ Info interview ques.]
  2. LINK [GFG - Infosys experience and Questions]
  3. LINK [ Leetcode Top Interrview Questions]

3 . Resume / Projects / HR questions

  • Common Tips for all -

    1. Prepare your project very well, If u do not have a project I would suggest preparing a small project in this time duration remaining.
    2. Prepare your resume, go through it, and write only those things which u really know.
    3. Prepare all basics HR questions, like , why we hire you? blah blah.
    4. If u r disagree at some point be polite, and be confident, don’t be arrogant, sad, overexcited … a smiley face is sufficient.

Hope my above article helps u to clear the interview process (SE , SES , PP ) . :slight_smile:
Till then Practice fking hard, Because -

 When u r not practicing someone else is ,
 and the day you meet them u will lose.

PS : If someone read who also part of previous hack with infy can share their experience below in the comments. If u have any doubt let me know, If i m able to solve I will surely help :slight_smile:

EDIT : After the guidelines of infosys regarding interview two topics also added -

  1. Artificial Intelligence [ LINK1 , LINK2 , LINK3 , LINK4 ]

  2. Web Development [ LINK1 , LINK2 , LINK3]

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Thanks a lot for sharing this Gem …Could you also please post some best link for preparing the System Design Problems.


very nice

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Tum bahut mast kaam krta hai mota bhai thanks a lot !


Thank you for the resources! I was wondering if you have some idea when the interview process for PP role will start?

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See as of my experience they will not ask system design questions but if u want then go to youtube and search " system design Gaurav sen "


No idea for that, but some guys said that in mail it is clearly written " you can expect interview in 10 days".
So prepare well.

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@ssrivastava990 Thanks a lot. The link is awesome.

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I didn’t find such a thing in the email though. They have only stated data,time and link will be shared with you soon. Are these mail received that you have stated above for PP role? Maybe be they are starting the process and will gradually move forward.

Has anyone here received mail from InfyTQ, I received it today can anyone tell me after how many days they take interview upon receiving the mail?

Candidates who r selected for interview (either from hack with infy or INFYTQ ) , their interviews will be schedule at same time… So prepare ASAP .

Aaj hi toh nahi hoga na :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Its great

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Sir,how do you still find time to compete??
Also,does your job at infosys bear any resemblance to competitive coding?


I m waiting for my joining due to covid19

What is the probablity of getting selected in SES interview?

Completely depends on YOU.

@ssrivastava990 How many students usually get the final offer for PP role? I mean is it flexible in a way that people crossing a certain threshold gets selected? Or are there any upper bound? Thanks!

see they take interview for PP through Hack with infy almost 300 students while from INFYTQ they take almost 300 - 400 students . So u can guess how many students gets finally selected.

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When did you get your confirmation for being selected as SES engineer?