HackWithInfy Preparation Guidelines and Resources

Can anyone tell how can a person having beginner programming skills hone his/her skills in one month and qualify for HackWithInfy test conducted by Infosys?


Bro in 1st round u get 2 to 3 questions which is on hackerrank , now after that selected participants( they decide on the basis of total number of participants) go to round 2 in which there are total 3 questions now top 300 participants from the round 2 you will get interview for power programmer job Infosys and top 100 participants from round 2 selected for around 3 which is basically a hackathon ( on hackerearth ) which which will held in Infosys Pune headquarter.

Now for preparation purpose actually I also search on the net for Infosys hackwithinfy questions but there is no available questions I am trying to get the link of the hackerrank contest from my senior so that I I get the questions from round 1 and round 2 because one of my senior selected for power programmer interview.
Last year I also give hackwithinfy of my senior the round one was very easy few competitive programming and round 2 is medium level if you are efficient and fast in up then you will surely get in top 300.

Go to hackerrank codechef hackerearth and practice as much as possible.


Thanks bro for your detailed answer, if you are successful in getting the link to past year questions please do share the link here. You can even ask your senior what type of questions were there and the main concepts that were checked like graph,string,recursion etc.
I also think that hackerrank’s interview preparation path might get us some help.
Also GeeksforGeeks’s Sudo Placement 2 and Interview Preparation path is what I am looking forward to work on.

Ya sure bro if i get the link then i will definately share … and for questions actually some questions from round 1 is from arrays like a questions have an array in which we have to calculate the sum of differences of consecutive elements , and remaining one from string.

And surely the sudo placement will help u more to achieve this.

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Actually this year their selection criteria for PPI and finalists has been updated : -
The event will be conducted in three rounds:

Round 1 (June 30, 2019 and July 1, 2019) – Online challenge, individual participation
Round 2 (July 14, 2019 and July 15, 2019) – Online challenge, individual participation
Grand Finale (August 16-19, 2019) – On-campus team formation round at Infosys Pune.

The Top 7,000 participants from Round 1 will qualify to compete in Round 2.

The Top 100 participants from Round 2 will compete in the three-day Grand Finale which will be held between August 16 to 19, 2019 at Infosys Pune, Plot No. 1, Phase 1, Hinjewadi Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411057. They will also get an opportunity for a pre-placement interview for the role of Power Programmer.

From the subsequent set of top scorers from Round 2, top 200 participants will get a pre-placement interview opportunity for the Power Programmer role while top 3,000 participants will get an interview opportunity for the System Engineer Specialist and other roles.


As you have mentioned that you took the test for someone else, I assume that you can answer following questions:

  1. Were you able to use #include<bits/stdc++.h>?
  2. Does switching tabs frequently for help from google makes you disqualify for the contest?
  3. How would you describe difficulty level of 3 questions in both rounds as per codechef contest design?
  4. Did you take the exam at some centre or at home?
  5. Doesn’t the camera permissions were required during the contest?
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Yes u use everything u want
No but there is no need I think to Google and they provide instructions for the contest.
All the problem lie between easy to medium as in previous questions the second round maaters of speed mostly.
Online anywhere
No camera permission.

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Bro i found the link , but the link is expired and questions are removed so i cant tell u exactly the same question.

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In which language we write this hack with infy test

How to register?
I clicked register option in infyTQ app but its showing that ‘Your registration request for HackWithInfy 2019 is beging processed’
Its been 3-4 days and still am getting this message


Any language u r comfortable with :slight_smile:

In any popular language…

yeah seriously… its showing the same to me and some of my friends too. :frowning:

do u know anyone who got successfully registered?


it would be nice if you tell us how many days did it take you to get the confirmation ?

Confirmation mail is not come till now but 1st round conduct in our college.
And if u have any query then mail them.

Whats their mail id? But as per the schedule, 1st round is going to be conducted at hackerrank on 30th june :thinking:

yes it will on hackerrank , but we have to give the contest in our college.
go to their website and in contact us , mail them.

can you please send me the link