HackWithInfy Preparation Guidelines and Resources


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so we need to mail them that we want to participate in their contest…

for particpate : https://infytq.infosys.com/login login and signup for contest.

I already sign up but got no information about 1st and 2nd round …there is just written that august 19 2019

From which clg u r and in which year , bcz this is for 4th year only and the confirmation main come after 20 june(if u signup for contest).

I’m from BBDU (4th year)

does college matters??..because in my college no one code or doing CP so I think I’m alone in my college who participate in the contest

Year??? …


Download infitq app and signing up for contest, u can contact me 8005528871

In which year you are??

4th …,… Year

FAQ :- Before you start, you need to ensure you have access to a fast, stable Internet connection. Infosys will also arrange for computer labs in few areas and provide you with a list of colleges from where you can choose to participate.

There is no such thing mentioned that it is compulsory to attend the contest from inside the college. Didn’t you mentioned earlier that last year you participated in the contest directly from home?

Yes…, but this year my college ( I don’t know what other clg say) said that it is mendatory to come in college, so I said that.i hope u understand.

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Hi, @divyanshr1 can time restriction for solving problem.I mean 2 hours or 3 hours or I can take exams unlimited time between 30 june to 1 july.

@ganesh92 same with me

@samarthtandon same with me

Hi, @ssrivastava990 can I contact if I need any help?

It will be 3 hour long contest. You can use your 3 hours anytime in 24 hour window. A maximum of 3 problems will be available to solve.

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Yahhh…sure u can contact mee