Hackwithinfy results 2021

Did you just compare Infosys’s test with Codejam😳

I appeared in that till round 2. Round 2 was a disaster. I didn’t understand single question. I just compared both of them because this time it’s only 1 round 1 shot for placements

If someone got the standard problem and most of the students(who got the same) solve them with almost same code flow(it was a 10-12 line main code) so will it be considered plagiarized?

I don’t think same logic causes plagiarism but if you used the same function names and same variables then that’s pretty much considered as cheating

@zennit function names were predefined and I think everyone has used it like this.
But variable are my own.
So will it considered plagiarized?

I don’t think so

are you sure about 50 75 100 marking for 1st 2nd and 3rd problem? because in some sets questions were too easy and in some sets even the easiest question was tough

Order can be different but each set had 1 question as easy 1 as medium and 1 as difficult. And by the logic you implemented you would know which one was of which level

I have solved 100%, 52% and 6%, all 3 questions respectively. What are the chances for SES role?

When will the results be out ? Any idea?

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I guess tomorrow as they released results of infytq after 10 days

I can understand what you are trying to say but what i am telling is , 1st qn of some sets was lot easier than 1st qn of some other sets. Isn’t it bad if they both these qns have same weightage in results ?

I don’t know about that because the theory that question was based was typically the same although some questions were very direct and some were too indirect

I was able to solve 1 problem 100% and one 88% and one was left unsolved so what rank I can expect in hackwithinfy?

Any idea about result ??

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Please do ping in here if anybody got result or any update about hackwithinfy

no idea what are they doing…taking so much time …

Anyone has applied for kickstart?

I solved 156% but in middle of the exam I went out for two minutes… Is there chances for disqualifying ? I didn’t know that… Please answer.:pleading_face:

@soumita_1234 No I don’t think you’ll be disqualified for thatt🙄

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