Hackwithinfy results 2021

Seriously you weren’t asked anything from core? Also, for the graph problem, did you run on some ide too or just he wanted to check if code is correct?

I was asked 2 coding problems and 5 sql queries and basic definitions from oops.
I had to write the code in IDE and run it

Did they say anything about further processes? In my case they didnt.

what were the coding problems ?

No i was from ece and i told i dont know from it but i know oops, dbms , os but he did not ask

And dor dsa ques i was asked to write in notepad only the fxn and explain it

In the coding problems was it a discussion,
And after writing code did he told you that it is wrong or correct?

No he just told thank u for ur time .
1 dsa ques , no core 5 min project discussion
Wtf happened with me​:joy::joy:
Do u think its negative

tell about coding questions guys ? What were they ?

Bro graph dp tree ke saare standard ques karlio linked list too

I run the code in front of him so there was no point of him asking that it is correct or not :joy

knapsack and graph colouring

I have no idea because even in my case he said thank you and didnt mention anything about further processes

And how long did ur interview last?
If possible can u ask yr seniors when result of top100 is declared , i will also ask from my seniors

I already asked them. They said the result came in August last year. My interview lasted for 1 hr 10 min.

Ohh okk thanx means we have to wait till finale, :+1:

0-1 knapsack or others like fractional too?

When It happened actually, is there a fix timing for that??

anyone who has given DSE interview?

Can anyone tell about PP interview ??

Anyone has idea when SES interview will be scheduled?