Hackwithinfy results 2021

The camera was on for that time…Is it is ok ? I am very much tensed

I don’t think they’ll flag you for that I mean it was a three hour test you should be allowed to go for a min or two. Don’t worry.

Any update about the result ??

Are the results declared

I have solved one question with 100%.Can anyone here please tell me, will I be selected for PPL SES role? I have solved 2nd Question(FROG JUMP)

chances are less
Even for ses role

Any update regarding the results


Any update on HWI results?

can you please tell me I solved
3rd question 88%
1st question 52%
any chance???

Not yet I think

When will the result be declared

June 3rd week for sure

btw I have a question too —>
Q1: 100% easy
Q2: 93.33% medium
Q3: only 3 public test cases
What are my chances ??
Non-CS background!!!

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I think ur chances are pretty good

Is there any chance of a power programmer?

I am a 3rd year student. Can i participate next year too. This year i was able to solve 1 question 100% and 1 question 3 test case.
Is there a chance that i can selected for next round.

I was able to solve this many questions for the 5 May slot:
What are my chances??

nanga nach bro
Power programmer for sure

Is there something like if I dont pass the interviews of power programmer, I will automatically get the SES role?

Anyone here got the FROG JUMP question? I just wanna know this was an easy or medium level question? I have done only this but with 100% testcases what will be my chances?