Hackwithinfy results 2021

Its clearly maintioned in site. I think so

Is difficulty based on the sequence of the questions? It was Second question, means it was medium level?

Yes, scores are different for each problem ranging from easy to hard. A student solving 1 easy and 1 partial medium has less chances than a student solving a hard problem problem full.

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I solved one problem (Conversion of array into Permutation) on 9th May exam slot.
It was the third problem.
Is there any chance for me for any role?

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Did anyone got any mail? When will the results be out?

Results are out, Check your mail.
I got selected for SES PPI

@rakesh_11111 are you talking about interview results or 2021 hackwithinfy coding round 1 results?

U got results via mail or Training and Placement Cell?

coding round result.

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I got mail from TNP Department

Anyone here know ,that after how many days they will take our interview ?

I’ve Solved 90% 32% 14% what are my chances for SES role? I haven’t received any mail from TNP dept.

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how many question did you solve?

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is there anyone who solve only 1 question 100% and got a mail ?

I haven’t received mail, has everyone else got it ?

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I am asking about particularly Hackwithinfy results…not other Infosys exams…can anyone else confirm that hackwithinfy results are out of not?..I have solved 2 problems with 100% passed test cases

Don’t Create a fuss about HWI results.
Some colleges in close association with infosys have only got results.
It will take min 1-2 days for official announcement by infosys. If somebody is saying that he/she has got infosys mail(directly from infosys) probably they are lying.

congrats bro

yeah you’re probably right, as except 1 student no one else has got any mail

Does anybody here know when they will conduct the interview process ?