Has anyone applied for amazon 6 month SDE internship?

What is your application status? it shows application submitted.

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Same, but I received an email to fill a survey. Received it today.

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You applied through a referral or direct ??

my friend applied through referral he got mail today to fill a survey. nothing for me…i applied directly

I have been applying to almost every Intern job ID, still nothing.

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Applied but seems that nothing would happen if you don’t have any referral.

I applied to it on 3rd Oct through referral and getting the ‘Under consideration’ status.
I got the survey link yesterday, which was just to fill some basic information. The mail says applicants will recieve status update on 10th Nov

If you’re not applying with Referral then it’s of no use.

how can we get referal?

Ask any of your college seniors to refer you. Get any template from the internet and add your CV link and just send them on LinkedIn or mail.

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It was a referral

Did you get another email? It was mentioned we would get our application status update on November 10th, but instead I got the same email as before to fill that survey form.

Did anyone receive any update regarding the process?

no not yet received any mail applied 1 month ago

You applied through referal ??

Sde intern full time what does that means internship for 6 months or 2 months ??

What is your application status in Amazon jobs.

Same, but why so, there isn’t anything to judge the student on their so-called candidacy survey form, except their questions, even many students would answer those correctly, damn u amazon.

I applied directly on their career website. Just got an update that I am not eligible even though I meet all the criteria in their survey :neutral_face:

Edit: Well, just received another mail saying the online assessment is this Sunday! :slight_smile: All the best to everyone who will be taking the test.