Has anyone received TCS NQT results yet?

@pratyanshi_13 I too wrote the exam in the morning batch on 28th Oct but I haven’t received any mail yet (as on 23/11).

Thanks for the kind words.
Most probably they are actively taking college reputation into consideration and as I am from a tier 3 college so I guess they wont send any mail despite the passed test cases.

Got the interview link at 12.15 am and today is my interview.

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Are they conducting interview online?
Best Of Luck!!

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When did u. Get the mail

I think it’s time to leave hope. They already started interviews and I think they are not going to consider the remaining batches. Those who conducted the exam with atmost sincerity has become fools now.

Same solved two but didn’t receive the mail

Solved 2 in Digital Test ?

I wanted to know if someone has undergone digital interview through NQT, have they asked until when the result will be given. Like some sort of expected dates.


Are you from IIT/NIT/IIIT.

It Is all about luck!! Sadly not about skills anymore. Hope that luck bless us later!!

@avikrit_10 @proton13 @faaz_fatiz What is the tier level of your college?

Yes it’s all about luck :sob::tired_face:

You guys are the 2021 batch, right?

Anyone from 2022 batch received the scorecard or mail? When will we get the scorecard, in the next year?


Yes, 2021 batch

Anyone still waiting for tcs ninja shortlisting?
Is there any chance for getting the mail?

Performed decently. Haven’t received any mail yet. I sent an enquiry mail to info.tcsionhub@tcs.com and received this reply yesterday (23 Nov 2020).

Greetings from TCS iON Digital Learning Hub !

We would like to thank you for taking the time to approach us regarding the TCS iON NQT Results.

We would like to inform you the result for the assessment TCS iON NQT is under evaluation process.

Be rest assured you will get notified through Email and SMS once the results are announced.

We appreciate your patience !

Wish you All the Best!

Thank you !

I’m a 2021 batch student.