Has anyone received TCS NQT results yet?

Basically i received mail on one day before the interview schedule i received mail on 19 nd my interview is on 20 at 4-4:30 and i asked for the profile for the interview they take me to technalties and further i didn’t ask about it but they clearly not mentioned about the role @coder08 @sirdan @ragman_687khna @faaz_fatiz my slot of nqt is on 27 i got first slot on 24 there server crash nd then again i give test on 27


Do you belong to zone 1 of tcs@zavier

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I don’t how they divided there zones but i belong to delhi

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@zavier What did they ask in the interview? How did it go for you?

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They asked about searching algos,projects , some coding questions nd about technology nd various languages


So I think this was your digital interview because if it was ninja they would ask relatively more easy questions and especially no coding question. And your experience matches that of digital profile interview. And what’s your branch btw?


I m from cse

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tcs nqt = 24th october
tcs coding = 12th november

Could you please explain in detail, what were the coding questions and technology questions that they had asked you?

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My graduation year is 2022. I attempted TCS NQT test and my results are not yet declared, when will I get the results? It’s already November 22.

i have given interview but didn’t received any update yet.

Is there anyone who followed the pattern like got tcs Ninja through codevita then given tcs NQT (nqt test+digital hiring test) by another I’d (P.S- they were not giving option for “apply for drive through already registered id”) and after that tcs have batched them in the new id and then unbatched.? Or received any mail?

Hi guys ! I too received the same interview mail . Can anyone tell how to prepare for it

I was from zone-2. But yeah I just remembered that palindrome question was wrong. Sorry, my bad!

Has Anyone received mail?(26 Oct 8:30)

Still not received
When I asked about this in a telegram group, many of them on the same batch is still pending to get the mail. I think it will take another 1 week for 26 th oct batch to get the mail because ours will be considered only after the rescheduled ones I guess.

Anyone, Please help!
Has TCS declared the results for the advanced coding round held on 12th Nov and have sent the interview links for digital to the qualified candidates?
Or they are yet to be sent?
I passed 100% test cases of both the questions but at this point, I don’t care and just want to know if I am rejected or there is some chance left because I am losing sleep here!

They are yet to send interview links.so wait… I also solved both questions and received a mail saying qualified for interview

Has TCS declared the results for the advanced coding round held on 19th Nov?

I too had the same experience during the first days of rejection. But after that I dropped hope. After that I found that there are some candidates still getting mails. Now I have little bit hope,not too much. Be confident,if you got two outputs then one day you will definitely reach your goals,no matter what!! Don’t lose your sleep at this initial stage. We have more to go!!!

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