How is it fair for indians to conduct icpc on diwali?

I read on icpc baylor site that this year’s online round is on 27th october, I was excited about it.
But then I found that Diwali is also on the same day this year (or same night). And last year the time was around 7:30pm to 10:30pm, so if this year the timining will be followed the same, then there will be a huge collision between them, first we have to sacrifice our diwali, and then we have to stay in hostels so that all the team members will be able to give the contest.
Is it fair for indians? Is there any chance to postpone the dates, or it is final date?


It’s not fair at all. Firstly being in the hostel in Diwali is okay for some but not for others. Because once in a semester students get the chance to go home(i.e Diwali).

But I don’t think that dates gonna shift!!! :shushing_face:


Is it any “agni-pariksha” for we indians about cp?
cause the date is only for india region not for all country.


Can you tell me the step wise process to register ?

Last year it was to contact your faculty, and they will register your team on the site.

ICPC is indeed a festival.


Who asked you to sacrifice diwali. Just leave ICPC. People want easy wins. :slight_smile:


I feel it’s quite fair to conduct ICPC on diwali cause I think maybe no institute has semester exams or even classes on Diwali, so now everyone can participate without any pressure of exam tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


I think For a programmer every winning competition is Diwali (Btw I am a noob programmer).Best of luck for ICPC bro.

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I guess nobody is considering the sound of firecrackers.


I was considering it too, that’s why I was concerned about the date and time. Otherwise I don’t have any problem to give icpc at any date.


It is a competition not a festival.


He meant ICPC is as important as diwali (atleast for me)…
You can celebrate diwali every year for the rest of your life, But ICPC comes only 2-3 times.


diwali toh budhe hone ke baad bi marte marte bhi mana sakte hai…but there are few things that need youth in ur blood(like ICPC)


“greed” A very good word used to describe someone’s hard work. You nailed it bro.

Who is going to stop me from saying so?

Just describe point by point instead of one sentence. How it is impure.

Declaring something illogical without giving a single reason. :clap: :clap:

ICPC is a festival.


“Just”. Only those can use this word who don’t know how much hard work it takes to even qualify for regionals.


No doubt Aryan brother that you are a programming geek but other things too matter I think there would not be any disturbance for you during Diwali firecrackers and family and other important things too that are important for all others but not for you I think you will enjoy giving ICPC on Diwali Thank you I apologize for my words if it hurted you in any manner . My meaning was not like that And Still I am only trying to appeal for shifting in the dates selection, results and anything like that will be decided after the contest only . Who are you to predict it ,the one who doesn’t care of Diwali also. And My focus was on not to say that ICPC is a small contest or just meaningless I knew that it has meaning It has its on respect but for you it has meaning above the Diwali festival and for me and for some others too it is below Diwali . That was my moto brother Don’t be angry so much have patience , Time will predict the contest that is when it is going to happen and who will be selected or not keep on trying and trying my best wishes are with you to reach World Finals too…


BUT DATES OF ICPC CAN BE Shuffeled by authorities but date of Diwali will not be shifted according to me…

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It’s is good if you don’t use this type of sentence for anyone. It shows your arrogance.


I don’t think it’s fair. What can be done about it? How to complain/protest?

I think we should utilise the power of communities like CodeChef discuss so that we can come together and do something about it.


I think we can have fun with crackers after solving 1 question because ICPC is about solving 1 problem fastly . So we just need to spend hardly 15 mins :slight_smile:

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