How to improve in competitive programming?

I am a noob/newbie/beginner in competitive programming. I want to improve. Can somebody give me a roadmap for efficient improvement ?
Thankyou so much :slight_smile:


Currently you are in the place where you dont need any road. Make ur own

  • participate in all type of contests whether its long or short
  • but do not participate in contests frequently. Learn frm ur mistakes in previous contest (probably most valuable advice)
  • keep practicing
  • keep hope

Is your account hacked bro lol . If u r beginner then what u call one star guys ??


Monday, you had said yourself an awesome cp coder .


I never said I’m awesome-cp-coder, I said I got lucky:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Read it again!

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Lol bro thats not lucky you are a hardworking guy and you deserved it .

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Ok, maybe not a beginner…but I’m surely a noob in competitive programming and most of the 1-star guys are super-noob!!! according to me!!

Thank-you so much Sir, will follow your footsteps :slight_smile:

Haha agree . But i (maybe everyone) don’t consider div-1 person to be called as noob .

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lol i was waiting for him to reply to know what triggered him so much
Now we know coz of you

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@anon55659401 can you tell me where did i go wrong in the second question?

2nd ques of what?? be more precise

Maybe Amazon contest !

I think main idea seems correct… Were you getting wrong answer ?

Only the sample test case passed.
Now i can’t find the link to the questions for testing.

anyone hav the prob statement ?
i could not access it now

you need to find lower bound of y-1 and not Y. that’s the only mistake you made. I was getting WA due to same. But i figured it out luckily.

This from a 5* coder… :joy:

Here are somethings i found useful (i am pretty sure you have already seen these):
(not in any order)

  2. (Programming Camp Syllabus)
  3. (better then GFG :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
  4. (they say the first 300 problems are really worth doing)
  5. (quora can be helpful)


Thanks @hetp111
Very nice resources, especially the 2nd one!