How to solve NZEC ERROR

Iam getting a NZEC runtime error while executing a code.
The code is working for custom input and other online editors.
I am unable to understand the reason.
Please help!

Sorry, but we can not help unless you post your code and provide a link for the same.

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You said your code is working fine. so why are you posting this?
All online editor is not the same. In the case of input() in your code, It can not take it after compiling in CodeChef. So that’s why it doesn’t know the input and raise NZEC (EOF while reading a file) error. Here EOF mean ‘End of file’.Hope you understand.

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I can’t see any submissions from you; are you trying to “Run” without providing Custom Input?


Thank you I understood the problem.I was not giving input and pressing run button like in Hackerrank.

Click the checkbox for custom input, just to the left of run and submit, then type the input in the text box.