Hows your long challenge going ? :)

I’m getting wrecked from question 3 onward, lmao.


damn right. :sweat_smile:

if(may long challenge 2020),then go to hell


haha, question 3 onwards is HELL!

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Not able to solve question 3 also. :slightly_frowning_face:


yeah the contests are not balanced but the number of users are increasing and may long challenge sucks …

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Legends don’t participate in the Long Challenge when the questions are too hard for them. So it’s going pretty well for me.
Just so you know, I am a legend.


Does life stays the same everytime,then why do you expect the things to be.You want to know about “your improvement”,even in that words its yours so you need to analyze yourself.You cannot speak this by just participating in three long challenges and no other challenges at all.Practise first,improve yourself and even analyze yourself.Don’t depend on any platform to show your skill.They just show the overall grade for the performance but not the skill.


What do you even think, It’s a struggle for me to solve more than 2 problems, but that’s what make the questions good. There’s no point of solving simple questions.

How do you even come to this conclusion. Most people just want to improve because they find problem solving fun. I, nor anyone else has anything to gain by looking down on other lower rated coders.

How self-centered do you have to be to think the long challenge is hard so that people can look down on you.


Actually It’s like one contest for confidence gain (easy contest, like the last one) and one for knowledge gain (hard contest, this one).


relax bruh


Bro…in one line …If u don’t like CC then leave go somewhere else …every platform have different flavour , questions, difficulties , UI and many other things… if u don’t like simply do not give contest right ?
Try topcoder , atcoder , SPOJ , hackerearth , codinggame, hackerrank , codeforces or any other…but plz don’t say CC is not a good platform…many people like CC and if we r not able to solve problems then i think its our fault isn’t it?


It’s better than March challenge though


I’m yet to solve the 3rd problem as well… but see, it’s still better than the previous Long Challenge where it was very easy for everyone to score 570+ including the Challenge problem.
That and 2 failed short contests have gotten me to 2 stars now lol.

The way I see it, most have given up. So, even if you gather the courage and even solve partially, you can still manage to get a decent rank. Just being optimistic I guess. xP

But, nothing really matters unless you learn stuff. I guess the ratings aren’t the only measures to your growth.


I really liked this challenge as the problems are tricky and challenging, sometimes frustrating too. Because that’s the case where your learning curve rise. :sweat_smile:

If you are doing for rating
Hell NO!!
If you are doing for learning

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Just Frustrated, after completing last, i m still stuck on 3rd.

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Rating exists for a reason.