I am done with this Competitive Coding!

I request to change your username , May it helps XD @ninja_6969


This post remind me of this quote:

Why do we fall?
So that we can learn to pick ourselves up!


Do you know, what’s the simply typing mistake I’ve made??

Check out the :x: (WA) solution Vs (AC) solution :white_check_mark:


Mistakenly I wrote "N0 " instead of "NO ". [’ O ’ replaced by ’ 0 ’ (Zero)]
Solution accepted in practice mode by just changing ‘0’ => ‘O’


seriously no one wants to know your silly or stupid mistakes . stop the spam already you were doing in forum.

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@syntaxhacker Stop your stupid thinking. Topics creator too much worry about his mistake that’s why I’m trying to reflect my mistake. so that he can got this fact, “Man do mistake”

Anyway, don’t blame people for your stupidity. If you don’t like this, just ignore it.

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I find someone like minded at least. I don’t get the point of these posts. Is OP trying to get replies from people “omg dont leave” or something like that? I mean he was successful in doing that, but no one actually godamn cares if he leave or not.

This is from one of my Quora Answers:-

Hey there!

I don’t know what the sport of competitive programming mean to you….

But its not always so clean and straightforward,you have to work hard at it!Get dirty even!

Sometimes you lose,emotions run high,you feel defeated,upset and insulted!!

But if you always give it your best, bad feelings vanish!

“So,even if you don’t win, you’ll always have a laugh”


Yaa…I agree too… basically cp gives me good friends too…like @karangreat234 @nuttela @adi521 @hetp111 @indrajit1 @aryanc403 @akshay_1 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, and I think I learn alot from them too, so take it easy…


Depends upon whether you want a high paying job or satisfaction,considering job is your concern…then you are ready to move on other aspects…most people do cp for either fun or brainstorming…Good Luck mate!!

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Yaara teri meri yaari sabse pyaari h :joy:


Looks like a fake Id…

Ao kabhi codeforces pe:joy:


Great decision!:blush:
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How hard you try you cant enter Div2 in one contest. You need atleast 3 contests.


I’m also waiting for it due to some other goal.


My thoughts on quitting , read this : https://qr.ae/TW27kH

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Even if you score a 0, you will be a 4 star, not in div2 :laughing::laughing:


hope u dont learn during contest bro :sweat_smile:…many friendships in
india are like that
thats y u see 6-7 * people with red marks on their profiles
for plagiarising

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Lol…do your own work …and keep coding, before judging people ,…and I think u did the friendship like this :roll_eyes::angry:

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plagiarize if you are desparate :rofl:


for CodeChef laddus ?