I am so done with Codechef

Also this is what I was talking about.
Trolls like you make are making the community toxic.


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Your last point have triggered a lot of people here, I guess. Anyways, I feel the reason why the server is laggy because CodeChef don’t have any premium subscription system to make profit like LeetCode. Further talking about test cases, I do agree that they are confusing sometimes. For example, in yesterday’s contest in INCREASING DECREASING they have given two different answers in two test cases which are similar which made my friend confused while I was able to solve it because I read the statement properly.


Then your internet might be laggy .
The ranks are real time . If you are checking it on contest page wait for the timer (atmost 120 sec.) on top right of problem list to complete and it will auto refresh the page with updated rankings.


I am pretty sure my internet wasn’t laggy. I manually reloaded many times. It was only after 4-5 minutes that it updated the ranks of the users.

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You cannot say anything in the name of constructive criticism

  1. I think after march lunchtime server has not lagged in any rated contest. Now they use cloud based servers in rated contests
  2. The first question is doable. If someone can’t do division 1 first question maybe he does not deserve divsion 1.
  3. 5-10 minutes. Maybe you should fix your wifi it just takes 2 minutes
  4. This is done sometimes to make contestents think about edge cases on their own
  5. I think making numerous threads about how long challenge inflates rating has done nothing except more people realizing that they can also inflate their rating

That is because codechef has done nothing to counter that.


Hi Friend,
1.I can understand that server gets laggy but not everytime. Last Time the server got laggy in March Lunchtime which got Unrated

2.I haven’t reached Div1 but anyways if the problems are harder for you(in div1) then its obvious that you need to do some little bit of more hardwork(obviously) and it’s signifying that you are lagging in a particular concept or implementation and this is the only way you will improve(in my opinion).

3.At the beginning i also had this tendency to see ranklist but after seeing it my contest always become worse because:

a)if you are on the top of the ranklist of your college then you will be super excited(due to rating increase) and you will naturally might not try to solve the next problem right?It happens naturally.

b)If others are ahead of you then you will get demotivated in between the contest and the rest of the contest will be spoiled right?I would suggest just concentrate on solving problems during contest(well i am no one to advice as i am beginner but this is only my opinion).

4)If the sample test cases will be strong(contain corner cases) then what is the point of solving that problem?

5)I agree with your last point.In my opinion Long challenges should be made unrated and ratings should only be on the basis of short contest Just like Codeforces.

PS-This is just my perspective.
Happy Coding Friend :slightly_smiling_face:


bro your reply is up to the point nice

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Thanks @hackraj :slightly_smiling_face:

Corner cases aren’t fun and isn’t point of problems ig. CC’s test cases are so naive sometimes(rarely) that they pass even if i misinterpret the question :- (


"CC’s test cases are so naive sometimes that they pass even if i misinterpret the question :- ("

i think this is because of weak test cases right?

you are noob coder,so no one cares. :smirk:

its not his original account if you are judging from profile (which you are).

I have a idea , instead of having 2 divisions , we can have 3 divisions , will this be encouraging for begginners ,
Dont loose hope in any situation !


Very nice idea

Lol, I found this in my chrome feed. Looking really weird :joy::joy:


Lol…me too! :joy:

You are also not so good coder, so no one cares for your comment.
:thinking: :thinking: