March 2020 Lunchtime - Unrated

Due to unexpectedly large number of participants in the Lunchtime, our systems were unable to handle the load, and we are forced to stop the contest, which will be unrated. The problems will be moved to the Practice section. We are very sorry, and will be scaling up for the next contest.

(For the attendance streak, all users will be considered to have participated in this contest, irrespective of whether they submitted or not)


thank u

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This is the most awaited post


But i think this is not fair. This contest wasted my 1 and a half hour which i could have used to do something else. I was in the middle of submitting a problem when i got this message. How does codechef compensate this time loss and the effort and arrangements i did in the process of attempting this contest?


so no lunchtime for March?


good decision…

Everyone was waiting for this post.

You’re gonna get a lot of upvotes @admin :joy:

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Koi ni bhai aaj 1:30 gnte late soo liyo


I was just about to submit the solution to the 2nd problem when this happened

You know what discuss is also facing problem as many users are here.

Bro this is not the time to spam here uneccesarily. If u dont have a proper reply then dont just say anything.

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lol half of us were in the middle of submitting something


Think about those who were not able to see the contest problems. The reason for making it unrated was because the problem persisted even when the time was increased. I hope you understand :slight_smile:

I checked time thrice before ending up here…LOL :sweat_smile:


It should have been reported more early! by the way thanks for the unrated!

I solved one problem after 2mins of this competition ended,& I was not able to submit it😔

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