I am so done with Codechef

Edit- since this post is getting flagged, I’d like to clarify that I don’t mean that Codechef is bad. It has played a big role in my CP journey (just like many others). If you don’t like any point which I mentioned, you can state that in the replies. Thanks.

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Hi fellow Codechef users

I have been a constant user of this site since a year and have spent a lot of time on this site. I was in love with Codechef in the beginning. After months of hard-work, I was finally sure of becoming a 5-star after yesterday’s Lunchtime. However, there seems to be a problem with one of the questions (why Codechef why?) and I think I have reached the saturation point as well.

I would like to mention a few things I’ve observed why Codechef doesn’t feel as good as it used to be. Take this as constructive criticism-

  1. The server is laggy. There have been a number of contests where you have to wait for 10+ minutes just to receive a WA (or AC if you are lucky) verdict.

  2. The problem statements for Div1 in short contests aren’t friendly for someone who has just reached Div1. I could hardly solve any question in most of the Div1 short challenges in the beginning which demotivates a beginner. (I would strongly recommend changing the rating requirement for Div1 to be 1900 or 2000)

  3. The ranklist in short contests is not real time. This sucks a lot. I have a tendency to constantly check my rank during a short contest. It takes hardly one or two seconds on Codeforces and Atcoder to update the rank after I have solved a question. However lately, Codechef is taking upto 5-10 minutes to update the same. This turns out to be frustrating.

  4. The sample test cases are sometimes vague. This point is valid only in comparison with Codeforces. I have found that Codeforces tends to give better sample testcases for each of the problem than Codechef. You get a lot of help to debug before submitting a solution.

  5. Long Challenge- I think enough has been said about the relevance of Long Challenge so I won’t speak anymore except that it is a Goldmine (pun intended) for cheaters to increase their ratings.



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Is this is constructive criticism ?

I know no one should care. I just made this post for the constructive criticism part.

Also no offence to you but some people like you (memers and sh*tposters [well mostly])creeping up to the top ranks in the Top Contributors list is one more reason which is deteriorating the quality of this platform. Again no offence.

Check the list of top contributors on Codeforces. You’ll find people who have made an impact by their quality blogs and/or their problemsetting on the list.


Well that is ranting. But the below part sure is.
Just make sure to read it as well.


Lmao … I m memer thanks for saying this … I m active on CC discuss and on most of platforms that doesn’t mean i m not dong CP , is it ?

I never said that. Most people here are for CP.
But you seem desperate for attention and try to comment wherever it is possible to insert your comment.


That’s your thinking bro :slight_smile: , If i know something then i will help the person who ask in CC discuss … if i think the guy who posted something and i also don’t know , then i comment so that the good cp coder reply and doubt will be cleared as simple as that :slight_smile:

Trying real hard to understand what you said right here.


No issues … instead of arguing here go and practice :slight_smile:

No offence, but I slightly agree to this.



Lmao. This applies to you better. Instead of wasting time in discuss, go practice.

And you don’t need to worry about my practice, duhh.


I m not worry abou u bro …chill if u have enough courage then post all these shits from your original account :slight_smile:

bro don’t blame codechef blame yourself. there is one saying in hindi “naach na jaane aangan tedha” codechef has produced lots of 7* 6* 5* coders and we owe him.


Well its true, I really need practice. Thanks🙂

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I hope Codechef mods delete the post if there was an ounce of shit in whatever I posted.

And as for the original account, I’d better want it to be clean as it might come in handy sometimes as I’ve had some top-20 finishes in Cookoffs and Lunchtimes and would like to mention them in my resume.


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Again, I wasn’t blaming Codechef at all.

I really appreciate what Codechef has done for the community. I was just sharing some of my observations and if people find them to be true, there is a chance that Codechef can think about implementing some of them.

And about the hindi proverb, I don’t mind what you say about my abilities. I know how much capable I am and where I have to improve. People sure have forgot how to take some feedback.


Troll as much as you would like. I don’t mind.
Now I don’t want to be a kid here and retaliate by calling you names. You have the right to not believe what I claimed.