ICPC 2019-20 Amritapuri expected ranklist (assuming 75/80 best team slots)

Note: Due to error in data extraction, among two teams with exactly same name, lower ranked team has been deleted
Fixed identical name issue

Edit: Added 80 top team sheet (look at bottom tab)


Does the selection criteria of amritapuri mean that if a team is in top 75 then will the other team from the same college in top 200 be selected too ??

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Not sure. I have used the way kanpur site does, that is to remove all top teams and then chose the top teams from unique institutes. It might not be how Amritapuri ends up selecting students. I can make another list, assuming that is the case.


Any idea about when the results will be announced ?

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National rank seems to be incorrect. Our team rank is 1475 as per https://www.codechef.com/public/rankings/ICPCIN19 but it’s showing 1465 here.

Some teams have been deleted. That’s why

Ou okay. So the expected regional rank will be also around +10 ig?

Not necessarily. The first team which repeats is OneLastTime of DTU. They can’t qualify because top team from their college has already been selected. You can assume number to to be about +(4-8)


What does that mean ? If your sheet shows rank x, then we can expect actual rank to be x+8 ? (assuming selection of 75 best team slots ) ??

There are various teams with exactly same name. While extracting data, I wasn’t able to extract college for all teams. So to handle this situation, I simply deleted teams with higher rank with exact same name from dataset. (I wrongly assumed there won’t be any collisions). Now these deleted teams are causing rank to fluctuate significantly when you reach the bottom of list.

So, Can you give an approximate safe range where there is not much fluctuation ?

Thanks Man

@harshraj22 @justanotherlad So it turns out all the team with repeated name were from a reputed college. And so even after fixing my code, the regional ranklist only changes by 1 till 250. The national rank is correct now.

Anyway it’s all fixed now!


Hey , first off thanks a bunch for all your efforts :slight_smile:
So we can expect teams which a rank less than 250 here to qualify for onsite ?

Can you please make another list assuming 80 best team slots. As they said 75-80 so it can be 80 too. and then the ranklist will change for some boundary people.:neutral_face:

It’s already there in the bottom tab

Ohh sorry, I didn’t see that, I saw just the heading of this post.:joy:

Thanks for the list! :smiley:

Hey our team ERROR 404 has 1200 rank on codechef rank list , but not present in your list. Is this list only for people who have applied to amritapuri

I don’t know where you are getting your data from, but the team ranked 4 (tesla_protocol) is registered in Amritapuri regionals, and is also in top 75. So it can’t be disqualified.