ICPC Amritapuri 2019/20 List Of Selected Teams

Selected Teams


Where do i find the updated ranklist. Our team topped in the college and we secured 811 rank. Team Name:- Code Blaster. Yet we are not selected for onsite. I can see teams which ranked around 1200 getting selected. What is possibly wrong ?

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My teams rank was 680 and college rank was first we still dont have our name in the list while I see some teams with higher ranks in the list
How is that possible???


Happened with our team as well.

Yes it is strange, no team from your college is there in the list, mail them about this asap!

Why don’t they show the AIR rank along with the name ?

and one thing more is one team is eligible for both region , if yes then it is unfair , i filled gwalior and kanpur for regionals , now one team named r(e(c(u(r(s(i(o(n)))))))) is in gwalior as well as kanpur
I m not selected , if unique college top teams will be selected the last team selected is ranked 115 (in gwalior rank list) and my team rank is 119, so if some of the teams (which selected for both regions) is removed and some waiting list is there , then we have chances for gwalior region (this is my last ICPC ) @admin

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This is not even fair and open selection process. First they didn’t release the updated ranklist, also they didn’t send out a waitlist. Also there is no AIR mentioned in the selected teams list. How are we supposed to think that this was a clean process ?

Can we atleast have the updated ranklist?
@admin @aryanc403

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Exactly !! How is this possible ??
@admin Please reply !!??

A team is eligible for both the regionals it has registered for. They can get selected to both if they are able to satisfy the selection criteria of both the regionals. Also, the rankings might have changed due to the removal of SUMOR, so your rank might have improved or become worse.

@admin, could it be a mistake that a team with greater rank than ours, from our same college has been selected, while our team with better rank is not selected ?


I manually check college’s of “NUTS” here and “Techfreak” here. Baylor system says both teams belong to “Netaji Subhash University Of Technology”. Nothing codechef can do about this. Their role is limited to copy team names for Baylor system and fwd that rank list to RCDs.

If you doubt they doesnt belong to your college you should mail RCDs. Mailing CC wont help here.

Disclaimer - I dont work for CC and has no relation with them. :stuck_out_tongue:



And From our College, we secured Rank 1 (AIR 436).
Why are we still not eligible?

That is my question…!

I can’t understand their selection process .can anyone please explain ?

Your team name is now showing at the bottom of the list.(It seems they updated the list)

Our rank was 1018 in final published rank ,and topped in our college but we didn’t get selected but a team with rank 1498 has name in this list.why?
The decision is not fare.

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The fact that the ranklist was updated after rremoving SUMOR problem, ur rank may have improved or got down.

Even no team from Sant Longowal Institute Of Engineering and Technology got selected in this list,while team with more rank than ours has name in the list.why?
This doesn’t seem fare.

Yes, you are right. But the problem is that the team “NUTS” is from NETAJI SUBHASH UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY but it is shown under NETAJI SUBHASH ENGINEERING COLLEGE in the ranklist here and here too.