ICPC Amritapuri 2019/20 List Of Selected Teams

can anyone help, please reply asap @admin, why is it happened?

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@admin my team rank is 1801 and they are at 2101 why we are not selected

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Shoot an email to RCD if you haven’t. Admin won’t help here.

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I have mailed it to them but they haven’t replied yet. It has been more than 6 hrs now.

I have mailed to RCD they said that they are selecting top 20 teams those who have solved 2 question only.

The have updated the ranklist again and they have removed “bitsPlease”

I think they are removing teams by looking at discussion forums or if someone posts about cheating cases


Means solving 2 is better than solving 3 what a ridiculous policy by RCDs . They have gone mad I think

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God knows what they are upto.

Team MegaByte rank 1018 still not selected,while many greater than it are getting selected.God knows, what’s happening here.

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We reported our issue to the ICPC manager and got some good response.

They have selected our team, but it does not seem to appear in the website.

So, If you all confused or need answers mail manager@icpc.global

Hope your issue gets solved :slight_smile:

" Important: We may increase the slots which will be announced on 5th November. Teams are requested to plan their travel only after this announcement."
It’s 6th November and still there’s no announcement I found.


Is there any chances of change of rules of selecting teams after new announcement??

Why is there so much confusion of ICPC this year? Teams doing well not being selected, every day the ranklist is being updated etc…

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Today the link we got for choosing the site of our choice. In that for codechef user handle we have to write the icpc one?

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Yes. Everyone made that mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is there only one option in site preference? We should be allowed to choose our priority list

Choice is an illusion


So only one member had to fill using team handle. right ??