ICPC Asia Gwalior-Pune region payment still not updated after 10 days

I did NEFT on 25th september, have mailed all 4 id’s given on their website, got no reply. Tried calling the numbers, no one picked up. Help please.

same here bro, I payed the fees on 27th through phonpe, and also filled the form, but team status is still pending. This is really bad from pune-gwalior region officials

can someone provide the link for online payment for Gwalior Pune site?

Did u fill the form that they asked teams to fill? Its on their site. If u have they will accept it soon enough. It took about 10 days for our team to be accepted. :slight_smile: (btw just in case, you are familiar with the profile completion on baylor site right?)

You have to do NEFT to the provided account, there is no direct link

Yes I did fill the google form on 25th itself. And yes our team profile is completed on the official baylor site as well.

they mailed everyone to check if their status is still not accepted, did u recieve it?

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Yep my team got accepted a couple of days ago.