Important Update

Dear all,

There is an important update from the team at CodeChef.

In the past, we never really focused on the financial viability of CodeChef, but being generously supported by Directi, and later by Unacademy, allowed us to keep doing our work without worrying much about the financials. But recently due to the larger global economic slowdown, it has become clear that this cannot continue, and we need to find ways to sustain ourselves.

Starting April, CodeChef will be an independent company owned and run by the current team and not under the umbrella of any other organisation. With a one-time investment from Unacademy, we are starting a new chapter in our journey.

  • These are exciting times - the way we learn is going to completely change with the developments in AI. 90% of the users registering on the platform have ‘learn and practice’ as their primary goal. We hope to become a much more holistic learning platform for students of computer science to gather and experience the joys of learning.
  • At the same time, till our finances improve, we have to cut back on our costs. As you have already noticed - we have paused Cook-Offs, Lunchtimes, and Long contests. Starters will continue as they are, with some of them now being rated for all.

We’d like to thank Directi and Unacademy for their support over the years, and we hope to continue serving the amazing community in more ways going forward.

Happy coding!

Admin (arjunarul)


Some more details about what exactly the changes in our contests will be:

  • We are pausing Cook-Offs, Lunchtimes, and Long contests.
  • Starters will continue as they are, with some of them now being rated for all.
  • Most contests will be for 2 hours instead of 3 hours.
  • The difficulty of the hardest problem of Division 1 will be a bit lower than before. But for all the participants in Div-2, Div-3, & Div-4 there will be no difference.

I am exited for this new updation.
You are always helpful CodeChef.
Thanks. :smile:


that’s great

The Chef is Back

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Thanks for info

Really great platform to learn…

this platform has been a game changer for coding enthusiasts like us .Keep up the good work chef!!!

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a fabulous platform to improve ourself and make future ready.

great …looking forward into it.

Great platform to learn and sharp problem solving skills

i’m new so plz anyone help which platform is better to learn coading

it will be great !

It will be cool to witness this new era of CodeChef. We, as a community of CP enthusiasts, must support Codechef through their hard times.

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I think CodeChef is enough as it is the most beginner friendly and guided platform if you have enough stamina to solve almost all of the problems.

@admin when we are continuing long challenges and cook offs
nowadays starters are getting much harder