Infosys Hack With Infy Power Programmer Interview Experience 2020 [ Result : Selected]

Yes , It was normal hr interview

any idea about result?

Do you know anyone in your college who has given the second interview after the power programmer’s first interview and got his results? If yes what result does that person got?

How was your 2nd interview ? Was it TR or HR ?

sahilsayhello! Can you share your email id?

After how many days they will announce the interview result, any idea?

i also want to know that. it has been almost a month now.

I gave my PP interview on 20th Sept. Today, I got mail for another interview scheduled for 20th Oct (Duration - 15 mins). Will it be HR or technical? Also, does this mean they are considering me for the SES role?

Why are they doing like this?Why are they playing with our lives???

I also got same mail.

No bro i had my 1st interview on 19sep and 2nd on 8 oct Today i got the result and selected for PP.It depend on your interview what u get And for me 2nd was tech round

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Thank You for replying. Was your 2nd round also of 15 min duration? Also, were the questions from core subjects or coding questions or projects? I wonder what they evaluated in 15 mins.

Yes for me also 2nd was 15 min and Interviewer asked one coding ques of backtrack and tell about yourself.

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Anyone who had the 2nd interview for 30 mins and got PP?

From where can I practice SQL for SES?

you can practice from here