Infosys Hack With Infy Power Programmer Interview Experience 2020 [ Result : Selected]

Hello, coders yesterday my junior @kuldeeptailor (HWI Finalist ) gave an interview for Power Programmer, and here below the questions which were asked by Infosys -

Total Time: 50 minutes

First 2 to 3 minutes - Tell me about yourself

After this,He tells him to share screen and gave one coding questions, which is Implement LRU cache with given condition

In this question, he tells many conditions like if we want this how to do this, how can we implement it with the queue , can we do better bla bla bla.


After 30 minutes he asked some basic core CS questions [HERE] , like https vs http , tcp/ip , etc.

after this he asked some questions on his project and internship.

Overall good interview Results are expected after 30 aug.

Note : please prepare core cs subjects very well.

UPD : He got selected for PP :partying_face:


Some other coding questions asked by Infosys to different users are -

  1. To find the unique pair from the list, whose [ sum / difference ] is 12

  2. LRU cache ["”]

  3. Merge two sorted arrays [β€œ”]

  4. Find n to 0th position even number using recursion

  5. Next palindrome of a number[β€œ”]

  6. Find sum of even number from 1 to N using recursion


If anyone wanna share his/her experience please share here , don’t create multiple threads .

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Was it for SES or Power Programmer Role??

Power Programmer.

So LRU Cache kind of questions will not be asked for SES right?

Can you tell how much time he got between receiving mail of interview dates and the interview itself. Moreover it would be better if he answers the queries.

only one night before he got mail , that u have interview tomorrow be ready at 12:30 pm .




It can be easily solved with simple math formula ,why to use recursion here?


Interviewer asked you to explicitly solve it using recursion, you cannot do anything.


Yeah its true, but whats the point of asking such questions


Her/His choice :man_shrugging:

At which platform they are conducting interview?

cisko webx

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Are SQL queries asked in interview ??

are bhai jab bola to kuch bhi puch skte hai , prepare for worst case na , job ka sawal hai risk kyu lena

They gave u more then enough time and if u r still not prepared then it’s your fault .


Okay, cool !

Hello Sir,Any interviews happened today??

No idea .