Infosys Power Programmer Interview Experience

For all those who are interested, I am sharing my experience here

We were called at BPPIMT, Kolkata at 9 am. The interviews for System Engineer Specialists (SES) and Power Programmers (PP) were being done by different set of panelists. Candidates who couldn’t crack PP interview were given one more chance to sit for SES position. The interview for SES was very short (10-15 minutes) and they asked basic questions (as my friends told me).
So my turn came at around 7 in the evening.
Firstly, a written test of 30 minutes was held where we had to write a program on a piece of paper. The program was to find the next smallest palindrome of a given number. I used 2-pointer method to solve this. Writing on a paper is very different than writing the code in an IDE. I messed up with cuts and arrows and my code was very difficult to read. I thought of writing comments but that made the situation even worse :stuck_out_tongue:
After the test, my interview was taken which goes like this:

Panelist: Tell me about yourself
Me: Explained
P: Asked me the approach to solve a tree-dp problem (it involved bitmasking as well).
M: Answered
P: Asked me the approach to solve a graph coloring problem.
P: Given a number, keep adding the sum of its digits until you get a single digit.
I asked the constraints but he asked me to write the best code I could write
Since I couldn’t think of any other approach other than brute force, I wrote the brute
force method.
P: Asked me to optimize it.
I thought of digital roots and all, but couldn’t come to any solution that fast.
P:Okay, we will come back to this later. Explain me your projects.
M: Explained (I took more than 10 minutes in this)
P:Nice, you solved 3 out of 4 problems which were way tougher than the one you
couldn’t solve. If you won’t be able to optimize it, I will not be able to select you. At
least explain me the approach you will follow.
I was still not able to come up with anything so, I said I will generate answers for smaller test cases and look for a pattern.
P: Go on. Take your time.
I started with three digit numbers and found out that the answer was following the
pattern of N modulo 9, where N is the number. And for N modulo 9 to be zero, the
answer was 9. Example 123=1+2+3=6 and 123 modulo 9 =6
M: Explained this to him.
P(Impressed): Well done. Which language do you prefer?
M: C++
P: Will this algorithm work in C++ if the number of digits in the number is more than 10^5?
M: Yes, we will take the input as string and do the required modulo operation on the
P: Asked me to write the code for the same.
M: Written.
P: Asked me some modulo properties and the reason why it follows so.
M: Explained.
P: How good are you with OS and SQL?
M: Not so good, but I’m okay.
P: Explain trigger in SQL with an example.
M: Explained
P: Explain Inverted paging
M: Explained
P: What is neural network?
M: I don’t know :confused:
P: Thank you for not answering this. We’re done. Any questions?
M: No sir.
P: You can go to the HR now.

It was more like live coding rather than an interview.

The HR round was not any round, they were just verifying all the documents. When I left the place at around 10 pm, there well still some candidates waiting for their HR round xD


What is the final results…btw your interview questions are so. Nice , and in our campus my friends gave interview of 8 lakh and u will be laugh at the questions asked by interviewer.

Selected. The questions basically depends on the panelists. One panelist was taking interviews at 20 mins per candidate. Mine, on the other hand, lasted for more than 45 mins.

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Congratulations bro… :slight_smile:

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What were the questions asked?
And when rsult was announced?
Just after the interview?

No first they said results will be anounced in evening then they say results will be announced after 2weeks

And what were the questions asked to power programmer?

Wow even I was asked that graph coloring problem … and congo to you :heart:

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Brooo @utkarsh911 u r a legend, congo. BTW very few panelists ask such interesting questions. Kisi product IT me milta hay to mujhe refer kr dena plsss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Don’t mention it in front of everyone here on Codechef. Its not safe these days on internet.

what happen??..

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I mean you should never tell anyone on the internet which company you will join or not…

Yes Karan u r right, … Pls don’t mention that u r going for tcs , Infosys or any other company

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What are questions, asked ?

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Reverse string
Zigzag order traversal of tree
Max contigous sum sub array
Sum of all subarray
Reverse linked list
Find whether a loop in linked list
Find whether there is a cycle in graph
Implement avl tree.
Coin change problem.

The above problem are the total problems asked from different students.


For Power Programmer:
In my case, they only asked question-related to DBMS…
firstly they gave me a question to design a schema for a reservation system or something…I messed it up drew a class diagram instead. I only found out later that what I drew was a class diagram and not a schema. :stuck_out_tongue: Score : 2.5/5

Then asked one query and asked me how I 'll solve it on the basis of the schema I build. Answered, Score 4/5 :slight_smile:

Then asked to describe my projects in brief. Answered, Score: 3/6

Asked about 5 Normal Forms, told only 4. Answered, Score: 4/5

Now Second Round::
Tell me about Yourself
Location Constraint
Your Doubts
Trending in IT Tech
Project -> only explained one didn’t let me explain all three
etc etc


What are the scores? Did they tell you how much you scored for that particular question?

Did anyone who gave his hackwithinfy interview in bhopal received the final result?

@l_returns What??? Infosys is asking tree-dp questions??! I won’t solve even 1 tree-dp question in the interview if lpa is less than ‘12’ lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

Both the other problems had straight approach. The sum of the digits’ one was based on thinking out of the box. I wasn’t able to think plus he kept asking me theoretical questions in the meantime when he told me that “I can have my time to think the approach” which made me a lil nervous as well.