Infosys Power Programmer interview!

Can anyone share their experience or questions asked in a power programmer interview through Hackwithinfy from last year?

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Has anyone received the date of interview for power programmer?

i got selected for finals and well i will have interview for power programmer on 17th.

@jesus is it on skype or where ?

Anyone else also please reply?

Its an onsite interview in pune.

Not yet …

After your interview please share your interview experience…@jesus

any idea anyone that where will power programmer have interview on skype or onsite?

If u r finalist then f2f otherwise Skype …on given venue…

Please share your your experience if you are done with the interview ? I have heard that the interview has been conducted today only @jesus

I’ve attended the Hackwithinfy SES role interview . They asked me about my projects and dbms . Since i mentioned Numpy and pandas in my resume they asked few questions like" why numpy are faster why cant we use python list?" , "What are decorators " and they screwed me with my IOT project . She has given me many situations and asked me to explain how my prototype would tackle them . Some other questions like “how to clean data” , “how to remove Nan values” etc .

Result : Selected for SES role . Waiting for Offer letter


Are they declaring the result on-spot?

Yes but they are not mentioning the package and other details . They are just telling the role

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I heard it was around 8 lack per annum

Hi, can u please write the full conversation that you remember…
I will have interview soon… That will be very helpful

No , 8lac is for Power programmer .In my case, i’ve attened for systems enginner role

Yeah sure

She : You use Github . Tell me how Github works ?
Me : Github uses Merkel tree datastructure . It stores the previous versions of the work we do …etc
She : Nice , Why do you use github ?
Me : Just to keep all the DS & Algo at a place so that i can use them easily .
She : Good , tell me something about yourself ?
Me : Told …
She : What’s your recent memorable moment ?
Me : Shared my ACM ICPC experience …
She : Why are numpy’s so fast ?
Me : They are fast because they are built using C language .
She : Why can’t we use python list ?
Me : Python list is collection of pointers to the object . It can store heterogeneous
data .So , it does not have good locality of reference . So, we use numpy for fast computation and they also have advantage of SIMD parallel processing
She : Good Good , So how do you scale your self on programming languages
Me : Told in terms of [0-10] scale
She : What are decorators
Me : I don’t know ma’am [I was puzzled since that was the first time i am listening the word . She laughed :sweat_smile:]
She : Which sensor did you use in the project
Me : Told about Ultrasonic sensor and its purpose
She : I’ll give you 5 cases . You have to prove that your prototype handles all these cases
Me : Sure ma’am .[I was only able to justify 3 cases ]
She : Okay fine , tell me something about your Udacity machine learning Nanodegree program
Me : Told about the projects i did
She : How to remove Nan values from dataset
Me : Told about dropna , fillna etc
She : What is Data analytics .Give examples how Data analytics is important
Me : Told and justified it with IPL cricket score visualisation
She : Do you have any queries ?
Me : What about work-life balance
She : Told something …Still any doubts
Me : No ma’am , Thank you :slight_smile:

After 15 mins , they called me and said that i have been selected for SES role . Any ways , offer letter matters the most


so they just put questions related to your project…I wounder how they put questions in my case because I don’t mention any project in my resume

SES was around 5 -5.5 lack then, don’t remember the exact figure


SES is 5LPA. HR told in my SE interview.

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