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Hello, The INOI was super tough for me.

Cut-offs and results got released, pls check your mail to see your scores :-


The tentative cut-offs for medals are below:
Gold Medal: 175 points
Silver Medal: 120 points
Bronze Medal: 87 points

The tentative cut-offs for selection to the training camp are below:
Class XII: 138 points
Class XI: 125 points
Class X: 120 points
Class IX: 112 points
Class VIII and below: 87 points
Female: 81 points (for all classes)



Best wishes to all participants! Good luck, and more importantly, enjoy the contest.


how much do you all get?

my INOI went so bad, so so so bad.

Pls share your scores

It was difficult, I spent a lot of time thinking and bug fixing.
For the second problem, after half the time, I realized that “Line” had a description above the subtasks :sweat:

@shreyash_49 why is it asking for permission to see it.

where can u send screenshot.
lots of thanks to u.

ohhk i am giving access to all

Okay, so now i have given access to everyone. :+1:



9th std with 112 score :exploding_head:


that’s not good at all… I know a 9th standard who scored 207.

Hello I am Trisanu Das . INOI was really hard(I got 29). This is my first time in INOI. So, are there class wise cutoffs in INOI? Thanks.

well you will be selected, as u are in 6th till now

Will or May? Just asking😅

And btw, I am in class 6. And I think there are no class wise cutoff

I got 46 and I am in 8th now. What are the chances of me being selected?

Ok, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: