500 internal server error nginx, it is showing on the screen.
Problems are not loading , please fix it ASAP


This website is sooooo unstable during cook-off / lunchtime…
Would be nice to have like codeforces, a lightweight version of it maybe…


am unable to view problems page since 30min
that too in 3hrs contest

Seriously, we need some solution to this. This is disappointing.

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Codeforces would have announced the round unrated if this happened to them for this long.


yeah I had to wait for 15 mins just to submit D

i have typed my code but during submission it shown error

its working now…please try

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Actually killing precious time of us. These contests would be popular among us if these problems were solved.

IDE doesn’t allow submitting. s

go for it guys, its working now

Can anyone see the ranking page? It said to me that “You are not allowed to check this content.”

But problems aren’t getting submitted… submission queued :frowning:

My submission is running from 10 min

Thank God I wasn’t the only one. The website’s not responding properly for a long time now. I was waiting for the questions to appear for several minutes, and now my submission was running for ages! Finally, after 5min, I got a verdict. The rank list doesn’t seem to be updated as well.

I wonder if this round should go as unrated.

Mine is also running for mor than 10 minutes

Got an AC. Still marks didn’t increase even after 15 minutes.
Finally none of the questions opening in a short contest. WOW :slight_smile:

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Ranklist is not available and my code is running for the past 25 min

Codechef :pray::pray::pray: i prefer codeforces and other judges from now.

no it is not working even after an hour of contest…
hope codechef tries to organize one more lunchtime this month