InterviewBit Academy Interview Process

Hello Guys, has anyone given the Interview of InterviewBit Academy? If yes, then please reply and tell us about your interview process. It would be great if you could share your interview experience. I am feeling nervous and don’t want to mess up in the interview, so any sort of help would be greatly appreciated!:sweat_smile:


I gave my interview on 23rd October-

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Brother, How many questions you have solved during the entrance exam ?

All of the five.

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I was asked the same question. :smile:
And one more, Tell the number of digits required to represent a number N in base x.

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It’s like binary classification, they just inform the academy whether you should be taken in or not, if you’ve cleared the test, interview’s a piece of cake. Questions are easy, little bit of math and little bit of problem solving, throw bruteforce out of the window as soon as you are asked the question and try to think of a good solution, you can ask for hints, nothing to worry about
Good luck

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How many problems u solved bro???

Yeah saw your questions in that thread. BTW thanks.

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I had solved 4 problems complete and 5th partially.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I also gave the interview.
He asked me three questions

  1. count the number of bits required to store it.
  2. Find the number of distinct words that can be made from DUPLICATES.
  3. Given a positive number n ( 1<=n<=10^9). Find the number of x that satisfies the following equation: x +s(x) + s(s(x)) =n. Where x is a positive integer and s(x) is the sum of digits of x.
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How did you solved the last question?

Seriously bro, 3rd one’s tough.
My guess: Max possible s(x)=81, Max possible s(s(x))=16. Now bruteforce within these constraints


Digit DP I guess. But I couldn’t have come up with a Digit DP solution in a 30 min interview.

I wouldn’t know, never solved a digit DP myself, but I’ve read that is of the type - find the number of numbers or sum of numbers or sum of digits or something else in range L to R, L and R are huge numbers.
But I’ve also read in some book that digit DP is never asked in interviews

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Same problems was asked to me.
I tell hie Brute force solutions for the last problem.
But he was kept saying tell me optimised solutions.
Then he gave me hint about range of s(X) and also corrected my code at one point.
Are there any chances of rejection if I was not able to think problem 3 and solved above 2 in max 5 min??

It totally depends on the interviewer. He just has to say Yes or No. Most of them are friendly and questions are easy but for a few of them, the questions were of moderate level. So in the end, it’s up to the interviewer. Good Luck, buddy.

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Had my interview on 23rd.
Q1-Given an array A find all pair (i,j) i < j such that A[i]*A[j]>A[i]+A[j]. Solve this in linear time and const space.
Q2-Given 2 strings find if one is subsequence of other or not?

I have not got my result till now.I have visited my dashboard but there is only mention that the result will be announced on 22nd oct. Is there any body else who has not got the result