Introducing CodeChef Games

We are pleased to introduce CodeChef Games at

The objective of 1v1 is to promote competitive programming via an alternate competition format.

  • 1v1 challenges

    • Rated and available throughout the month. Different challenge types each day - Debugging, Code Completion, and Hacking
    • Compete with other CodeCheffers. Compete against your friends
  • Puzzles

    • The ‘Practice’ version of 1v1. Rated. Focus on learning and improvement.
  • Why 1v1?

    • 1v1 challenges are shorter duration and available throughout the month
    • You need to understand other user’s code in the real-world.
      • Code completion and Debugging allow you to learn and read other’s style and approaches in an alternate compete & learn environment.
      • Hacking as a skill is required during all rated contests. The ability to identify edge cases and logical errors can improve only with practice.


  • Who can participate in 1v1 games / puzzles?
    Anyone with a CodeChef account can participate in 1v1

  • Will my CodeChef rating get affected by my 1v1 performance?
    No. There will now be 3 different ratings on the platform:

    • The primary CodeChef rating in Rated contests. This will be computed purely based on your performance in rated contests (ie. Starters, Cook-Offs, Lunchtimes, Longs).
    • Your new CodeChef rating in 1v1 challenges. This will be computed based on 1v1 challenges that you compete in.
    • Your new CodeChef rating in 1v1 puzzles. This will be computed based on 1v1 puzzles that you solve.
  • Is there any restriction for 1v1?

    • Note that the problems in /games are existing CodeChef problems, but with their statements tweaked so as to make it harder to find the original problem. We hope that everyone utilizes their time on trying to solve the problems and improving themselves honestly, instead of trying to find the original problem.
    • In the beta phase - we will keep the 1v1 challenge timings restricted from 6 PM to 1 AM IST. 1v1 Puzzles will be available throughout the day
    • Currently, we have enabled 1v1 only for C++, and Python.
    • We can set it up for other programming languages - we would need support from the community on the relevant content generation. In case you are interested - do reach out to us at
    • Challenge a friend will go live by 17th Oct
    • Java challenges will be added by 17th Oct
    • Hacking will go live by 30th Oct
  • Please email your feedback to or post the same on this thread.
    We are in the Beta phase, and expect there to be plenty of issues. Please let us know about them so that we can fix them ASAP.



I really appreciate this initiative by CodeChef as it not only improve up logical thinking but also to think fast and to find those errors (small changes) to make them correct.

It will also help you in those rated contest cakewalk problems , and give you that extra time to solve some tricky question as compared to others. which helps a lot in overall ratings.

Some suggestions to improve

  • restricting to overall 10 attempts can be adjusted according to their ratings

  • improve questions difficulty

  • repetition of questions must be avoided

  • set tight constraints to minimize changes

Overall I really appreciate this feature and hope everyone enjoy as well.

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It says “An unexpected error occurred” when I click on Start Puzzle.

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Looks like there was a bug. It is fixed now. Please try again and let us know.

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Yes It is working now.


  • The restriction to 10 attempts - we will fix this end of the month
  • Question difficulty and repetition of questions → so you should necessarily not get repeat questions. Do highlight to us / share a screenshot if you get repeat questions.
    We are currently assigning easier questions. We will bring in task assignment based on user’s 1v1 rating sometime in the next version
  • tight constraints to minimize changes - we didnt understand this. Can you please clarify this further.

yep it is working , but the same question is repeating everytime

in puzzle section same question is repeating again and again in debugging part

  • tight constraints to minimize changes - in case if you are repeating same question , to increase it’s difficulty we can restrict the number of changes you can make in code
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Fixed, very sorry about this.

The 1v1 and puzzle games available as of now are fun! The good part (according to me) was that the games were currently not reflected on my profile page, so all WA mistakes and broken codes were not included in my list of submissions. However, I feel that participating in games must also count for maintaining a daily streak, it’s in the same CodeChef platform after all.
Can you please enable daily streak continuation even on participation to games on a daily basis? Leaving minified and different variable names than in problem statement, rest has been a very good first hand experience.


I got puzzle I solved repeated in 1v1 challenge game, this is unfair to other participant.

@raxit_gohel - this shouldn’t happen. Will get this checked and post here in some time.


In puzzle, “Debugging” and “Code Completion” have same question side by side. I mean first I solve Debugging code and than I just need to put the same code in the Code Completion one. And that is not good.
There may be changes in the syntax, but still, the logic holds.

I suggest shuffling of the questions with same level.

May be after some more questions, it will change, I don’t know, but if it won’t than I suggest shuffling.

@mr_dn_139 - this seems to be a bug. Will identify and fix this today.
Thanks for reporting this. raxit_gohel also seems to have faced a similar issue.

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The questions are repeated also inside one section. I did a debugging challenge in the puzzle section and then a code completion in the puzzle section and the problem description was the same.

@lkardos @mr_dn_139 @raxit_gohel - this is now fixed. Do let us know if you come across this again.

nice initiative