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@harshit_0 - Thanks for pointing this out. We checked our backend - this did indeed happen - though we haven’t been able to debug this as yet.
This is impacting approx 0.4% of the overall games and puzzles. Will update here once it is fixed.

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@warks - there was an error in the problem statement. Expected array B has to be of length N. This has been fixed. Thanks for highlighting this.

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@sky_nik - thanks for highlighting this. The task was incorrect. Have currently deleted it - no one else will face this error.

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My latest code completion puzzle statement said:

There is a limit to how long you can play video games continuously.

I think this is wrong, in my experience there is no limit :upside_down_face:

i was also for the event :,) but unfortunately i had to leave and didn’t continue

@sky_nik - i started checking if there was a bug in the system and this is the error message that you got - then realised you were actually mentioning a line from the problem statement!


There’s something wrong with this hacking puzzle: CodeChef: Practical coding for everyone I’ve submitted multiple failing test cases multiple times but the system just wouldn’t acknowledge it for some reason

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@sky_nik Looks like this problem should not have been included in Hacking. Currently in Hacking, we do not support problems which can have multiple correct outputs. This is one such problem and that is why your valid test cases were failing.

Thanks for highlighting this. We will remove any other such problems we find until we bring support for them.

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Hey!! in the challenge a friend section for coding in 1v1 its showing a message c++14 is not active.
please look into the problem .

Can you please share a screenshot of the error you are facing.

Page stuck here for Python 3
Code Compiled Successfully, Now fetching compilation details…

It’s not very usual, but sometimes I too have got this issue. Waiting maximum for a minute, and refreshing the page otherwise helps me in getting back on track.

For some reason, I’m unable to start Hacking Puzzle games. I preferred these as I was usually able to solve them quicker than other challenge modes viz., Debugging and Code Completion.

The last Hacking mode Puzzle that I was able to play was on 06th Feb.
Other challenges like Debugging and Code Completion seem to launch as usual (challenge launched after the previous issue was encountered for Hacking mode):

1 vs 1 challenges are fine though, just that I only get matched with players above 800-900 ratings now. Could this issue be because I had played a lot of Hacking challenges recently due to which puzzle system has run out of Hacking questions for my rating level?

Please look into the unexpected error, I’m not sure if I’m the only one facing the issue in launching a Hacking Puzzle. Rest assured, all CodeChef Games are fun. :slight_smile:

Update: Problem has been resolved today (just once, with a repeated problem though). Still facing the issue.

An error in a game - Code Completion Puzzle.

I had lastly played this Code Completion game today:

The problem had an unclear description on line 4, “i.e., the absolute difference of consecutive pairs of elements is 0”, when line above it shows XOR of abs. difference of consecutive pairs. Fine, I understood and moved on to solve it.

Then, I found that print("\n") was locked for editing at the provided section of code.

I understand it was to print a single newline character at the end of outputs with end=’ ’ (space character) in above prints, but that should have been done via just print() as print in Python ends with a “\n” newline by default, and print(’\n’) is only going to newline twice, as seen above.

Shouldn’t there be a “Report an issue” option for CodeChef games now? To keep away from distractions, you may provide it when a challenge ends (maybe only for a loss, if not always).

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Hi @harshit_0
The unexpected error generally occurs when system is unable to find an unseen task for your rating level. I will look further into it and let you know.

I have noted the problem statement issue and we will fix it. The “Report an issue” button looks like a great idea. Will try and implement it soon.

PS: Sorry for delay in response, we were working on other things in the meantime.

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I encountered a technical issue while attempting to solve a debugging puzzle. Specifically, I attempted to solve a debugging puzzle but encountered an unexpected error that caused the puzzle to become unrated. In my first attempt, I abandoned the problem due to the error, but unfortunately, I lost my rating.

Upon my second attempt, I encountered the same error, but this time I persevered. Despite this, I again lost my rating due to the error.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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same here and two times i have to abadon the game amd lost -143 points

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There was technical issue with the game service. It has been resolved now.

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It’s automatically exiting the game when i’m playing debugging in python with my friend.

So I was doing this Puzzle for fun where I was supposed to provide with a test case which will fail the code. I did what I was asked for yet an error kept popping up no matter what. The error was:
“Test case format is wrong. Please enter correct input format.”
I don’t understand the issue. I followed the same Input Format convention as mentioned in the problem.
So, I guess there is some issue with that.

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