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@harshit_0 - Thanks for pointing this out. We checked our backend - this did indeed happen - though we haven’t been able to debug this as yet.
This is impacting approx 0.4% of the overall games and puzzles. Will update here once it is fixed.

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@warks - there was an error in the problem statement. Expected array B has to be of length N. This has been fixed. Thanks for highlighting this.

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@sky_nik - thanks for highlighting this. The task was incorrect. Have currently deleted it - no one else will face this error.

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My latest code completion puzzle statement said:

There is a limit to how long you can play video games continuously.

I think this is wrong, in my experience there is no limit :upside_down_face:

i was also for the event :,) but unfortunately i had to leave and didn’t continue

@sky_nik - i started checking if there was a bug in the system and this is the error message that you got - then realised you were actually mentioning a line from the problem statement!


There’s something wrong with this hacking puzzle: CodeChef | Competitive Programming | Participate & Learn I’ve submitted multiple failing test cases multiple times but the system just wouldn’t acknowledge it for some reason

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@sky_nik Looks like this problem should not have been included in Hacking. Currently in Hacking, we do not support problems which can have multiple correct outputs. This is one such problem and that is why your valid test cases were failing.

Thanks for highlighting this. We will remove any other such problems we find until we bring support for them.

Hey!! in the challenge a friend section for coding in 1v1 its showing a message c++14 is not active.
please look into the problem .

Can you please share a screenshot of the error you are facing.