Invitation to CODE START 2020 - NIT Patna

Hello CodeChef Community,

I would like to invite you all to the STRT2020 , a Kick start Coding Contest for beginners and Newbies in the world of Coding. As a Part of promoting coding culture among Freshers in our college National Institute of Technology Patna We tried designing a beautiful contest for all levels of difficulty.

Contest Link:- STRT2020

STRT2020 is the first open contest conducted by emerging Codechef Campus Chapter CODECUBE of National Institute of Technology Patna.


TIME:- 6pm to 9 pm Saturday 22 February 2020.

Participants will have 3 hours to solve 7-8 problems . The rankings and scoring will be ACM ICPC style. Based . Problems will also contain Subtasks.

Problems of all levels of difficulty has been set . So this contest is for everyone.

  • PRIZES:-
  1. INDIAN : TOP 3 Indian Participants -T-Shirts.
  2. NIT PATNA : TOP 3 From First Year T-shirts.
  3. NIT PATNA : TOP 9 From NIT Patna (Overall) . Upto 100% off on Coding Blocks Courses.

I would like to thank my team and Neha Kakkoth Ma’am (Team CodeChef) in building this contest and supporting us and also thanks to CODECHEF and @admin for such great platforms like for building up of contests and for holding great contests.



Fill the google-doc here for registeration of prizes. regiter_for_prizes here

Good luck everyone! Hope to see you on the leaderboard.

For any query contact:- ,


My friends please do participate
@aryanc403 @karangreat234 @vijju123 @tmwilliamlin @saurabhshadow @mnithinkk @koulick424 @ks3rr @kshitiz1 @kshitij_789 @khmr_2008


@bright_lights @razor5623 @kkandsingh @rituraj22 @sudheerays123 @just1star @thewittycoder
@ankitkumar8325 @arpit2401 @adiii26 @ashukatoch @suprabhatkumar

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@Acrush @bugs_bunny_001 @akshitm16 @bobafett @bohdan @black_truce @bisou @browni3141 @cpp_stl @chef_keshav @crash_test @chan_iitp

@cskakani @cubefreak777 @codinglife @coder1848 @crash_test @chocoshubh @codelegend @codingknight @crazy__1234 @coding_is_love @coding811 @cubefreak711

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@cs_1 @carre @code_22 @codeofcolon @divyanshg10 @divaskumar3110 @divya65 @deadwing97 @dharmender186 @dpraveen @deepak_d14

@exorcist @evilbuggy @freeloop @foyaz05 @farhod_farmon @flash96 @fridgemagnets @fraz_aatif @ furious__ @flyingkebab

your contest is clashing with this :pleading_face:

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sorry but we can’t reschedule. We have announced everywhere.

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am i invited ?:thinking:

ya everyone is invited. I stopped writing at f only I will send invitations from a to z all coders to whom I know.

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Also inviting @ssrivastava990 @shim98 @l_returns @s5960r @shubham107 @summerpark @sak23 @souradeep1999 @smile_forever @ganesh92 @grayhathacker @ganesh92 @gamabunta @gauhar_19 @gauss14


@gvaibhav21 @gouthamreddy12 @harshraj22 @harsh_lbs @hept111 @hkyiitd @harish_49 @hari_2666 @hitch_hicker42 @harsh_6 @hackslash_123 @harish_49 @harshit_narula @header_file @grayhathacker

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Now after some hours i to z I will get invitation.

@jprm2 Thank you for the mention . Let’s catch on leader board :slight_smile:

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@iamnav @jiit_rishabh @k_raja @leoamish300 @laycurse @mehulcoder @major_pulkit @mahiman_bissa @MarioYC @mukundkedia @nishantc279 @nikhil_medam @nishant403 @nic6200 @naveen19991124 .
Continuing Inviting the people whom I know for the contest.

@o0badboy0o @ocw12 @pulkit_mittal @pedastrian_57 @pragrame @prakhar_2018 @proishan11 @qwerty29 @rishup_nitdgp @roll_1607070 @rahultam @raak_999 @royalfalcon156 @tokyoghoul1999 @theanshul Please do participate.

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@utkarsh911 @ujjk29 @udayps055 @vinayak_garg @vrishinvv @vkjha1010 @viveka_96 @waqar_ahmad224 @wittyceaser @xenon_shivam @y0u_kn0w_wh0 @yashgarg2107 @yashshahiiitdm @yogeshk972 @yadvendra20 @

All coders are co-ordially invited.

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Thank you for the mention @jprm2. Will surely participate :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes @jprm2, will participate :+1: