Invitation to ECPC 1.0

Hello CodeChef Community,

I would like to invite you all to Educational Competitive Programming Contest (ECPC 1.0) on Codechef, an evenly balanced contest with problems which will brush up your DSA skills. The contest is Hosted by CODAME, Indian Institute of Information Technology Bhopal.

PRIZES : 250 Laddus each to Top 3 Global Winners

Contest Link : ECPC 1.0
Timings : 8 PM - 10PM IST, 3 Nov 2020


ECPC is being hosted for the first time on an open ground, with all sorts of participants competing. Participants will have 2 hours to solve a set of 7 problems evenly set according to difficulty of all levels, hence the contest is a fair for everyone.

Special thanks to team Codechef who were a constant support in building up the contest, and to the my fellow team members @kaalbhairav01 @gouravv @bharat047 for setting and testing the problems with me.

For any query, contact :, CODAME-IIITBhopal(Linkedin)

Editorials for all the questions will be posted after the contest ends! .

Please give your feedback on the problem set in the comments below, after the contest.

Good luck everyone! Hope to see you on the leaderboard.

Update 1 : Editorials have been published for 3 problems. Editorials for other problems will be published by tomorrow.

Update 2 : Editorials for all problems are published . You may check it out.

Editorials :
Brute force / ECPC10A
Constructive / ECPC10B
Cake and Precision / ECPC10C
Tree and Unwanted leaves / ECPC10D
Binary Search / ECPC10E
Segment Tree / ECPC10F
Lost Algorithm / ECPC10G

We hope that you enjoyed the problemset , thank you for participating!!


it’s rated?

No its not Rated

Will it be based on ICPC style or IOI style.

You can check these things from the contest page itself.


Thanks @pankajsharma1, hope the community likes the problems and editorials

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Really Nice Problems

A Must be up-solved contest.

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Glad you liked the effort,

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